I will miss you Sadie

My (my parents) dog died Saturday. She had congestive heart failure for a couple of years now. She ate about a dozen giant uncooked bratwurst Friday and all of the throwing up weakened her heart and her lungs filled up with fluid. We got her when I was 11 and I will miss her a lot. She was a really good, sweet lab. Dad is taking it really hard. I hope it gets easier for him.

Had a cookout Saturday for my graduation for getting my masters. Not very many ppl showed up. Guess it shows you who your friends are. Especially when they lie about why they aren’t coming. It’s OK that you don’t want to drive two hours. I understand. But be honest. Don’t tell me that you’re going to lie to your work and tell them your other work wants you to work and then tell me the same lie. It doesn’t work well. Especially when I see that you were online at 1 in the afternoon. It’s OK tho. I will live.

I want to spend money right now. I want to buy things like it’s my job. That’s what I do when I get upset. I either sleep or buy stuff. But I shouldn’t buy stuff. We have worked hard to get our savings where it is and our credit down where it is and I would hate to spend it all on frivolous stuffs like clothing. Especially when I need to lose some weight. Going to New York to the beach the first weekend in Aug. I need to wear a swimsuit. Our friend’s girlfriend is a beanpole. I am not. ugh. Need to lose weight. Making pasta al forno for dinner really isn’t the way to do it though I don’t think…ah well. such is life. I am too lazy to lose weight but not too lazy to complain about the fact that I’m too lazy. Did that even make sense?


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