Weird Dreams

Sometimes you have a dream that is just so weird you have to commit it to paper so you don’t forget it. I dreamed that I was pregnant. But not normal pregnant of course, that would be a boring dream. I dreamed that my belly was really thin like a balloon and people kept trying to see the baby move but she didn’t want to move. I was afraid she was dead so I picked up my balloon stomach and talked to it and she began to move. But my tummy was thin like a balloon too so when she put her little fist up, it looked like she was going to punch through and you could see all the little fingers. We were in a nursing home visiting someone and my whole family was there so I asked the baby if she was ready to come out and she was. Except my dad made us walk through the whole crazy hospital pointing out which nurses he knew etc. (apparently the nursing home was really a hospital). So we get to my room and they gave me an epidural and apparently that’s all my mind can really handle right now because next thing I knew there was my baby. And we had her in a crib and she was really cute. Except in the room next door my parent’s baby (I didn’t even know my mom was pregnant) was in a crib and it was covered in barbeque sauce and it was dead. My parents said they should have known better and that this was my first baby and I was a better parent than they were.

Weird. Although I think I must be a better parent than my parents b/c my baby wasn’t covered in BBQ sauce and dead. So…yeah.


One thought on “Weird Dreams

  1. I don’t know how I even found your blog but that was funny. Not funny in a sick sort of way but funny in the whole wierd dreams catagory. My husband always has far out dreams, too and I love to listen to how off the wall they are. I am a very boring dreamer usually. You’re right, it was good that you wrote that one down!

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