Well, I don’t think we are going to be to be homeowners after all. We requested that the electricals be remedied before closing on Sept. 14th by a certified electrician. We called on Tuesday to see if it was done b/c we wanted the receipts. He told us on Tuesday that it was done. We finally got the receipts today and it turns out the work wasn’t done until Thursday. We also requested it be done by a certified electrician, as far as I can tell it wasn’t. The receipt lists the guy who did the work at the lead contractor, not a certified electrician. Also, I called an electrician and asked what it would cost to have the work done, and he quoted me over $1,000. This Russian managed to have it done for $285. That tells me that it wasn’t done correctly. We are now less than 7 days before closing and it doesn’t look like we’re going to. I’m waiting for a call back from the electrician who did the work on the house so he can explain to me how he managed it but…I’m not holding my breath. We’re going to have to pay for a certified electrican to come to the walk through with us and I’m guessing he’s going to confirm what I think, which is that the work wasn’t done correctly. This sucks. We both already took the day off, and for me, I can’t not take it. I already called in a sub. I really want this house, but I refuse to settle for the work not being done. That was the agreement. If it’s not up to code, then we’re not taking it. What I’m hoping will happen is that we can offer like $5,000 less and then have the work done ourselves. That way I make sure it’s done right. *sigh* i don’t think we’re going to be homeowners after all…what a waste of money…


One thought on “Homeowners?

  1. Honey, it will all work out. Breathe, just breathe. Don’t worry. It may not seem like it and it may be hard to stomach but if it falls through then you can just chalk it up to something that had to happen. Plus you’ll get a nice relaxing day off of work!
    But in all honesty it probably was done correctly or close to correctly and wouldn’t cost too much more to fix.

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