Half A$$ed


I talked to the electrician who did the work on the house. The best analogy I can come up with is…You can do your English project just good enough to get by, or you can do it right. This electrician did our electric just good enough to get by. So technically (pending walk through) it will count as remedying the issues, but we’re still going to have to have it re-done ourselves. That pisses me off.

School is sucky. The kids drain me, I’m always tired. Today I got really dizzy and almost couldn’t drive home. I came home to no cable, no phone, and no internet (I’m a thief and am stealing wireless from someone somewhere…thank you whoever you are). And Time Warner, God love ’em, can get to me until Friday night. Are you kidding?

I’m sorry to anyone who reads this b/c I’m just venting. I’m fussy and cranky. My mom is having surgery Thursday and although I know she’s going to be fine, it still worries me. And my silly Aunt is riding to Dayton with me and I really really don’t want her to. She annoys the crap out of me. Then Friday I get up bright and early and sign my life away and it makes me worried đŸ˜¦ I know we can afford it and I know we’re going to be fine but….it still makes me nervous….


One thought on “Half A$$ed

  1. And why shouldn’t it make you nervous? It’s a big step. A big step that you’ll more than likely thank yourself for taking later on in life.

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