So it’s been a really long few days.

Wednesday we had our walkthrough with the house. Our friend the electrician found another error so we asked for the money for that. The listing agent agreed to pay us himself, but when we got to closing he wrote the check incorrectly so we’re still waiting for our money….

Thursday my mom had a hysterectomy (yeah I probably didn’t spell that right). So I went to Dayton to be with my dad while it was happening. That sucked b/c her surgery was only supposed to take an hour and a half, but ended up taking three and a half hours b/c of scars from her c-section. Oops…that’s kind of my fault. And she had complications with the anesthesia (again, probably not spelled right) so she was in recovery a really long time too. We finally got to see her around 4:30 (her surgery was at 7:30 am) and then headed back to Columbus. Things with my dad are strange. I think it’s a result of being married, but I don’t like it and he doesn’t seem to want to remedy it. It makes me really sad to think about how close we used to be and the distance between us now.

Friday at 10:00 am we went to the HER office and signed a gagillion papers and we are now homeowners! Yay. I think. Then we went to the house, took some pictures while we looked around and made plans and then went shopping. We went to Home Depot and bought a crap ton of paint etc. to get started on the house. I didn’t know it was possible to blow over $1100 that fast. We got the master bedroom primed and painted. I still have to do a little bit of touchups and then paint the trim. We got the office (smallest bedroom) primed and painted. We got a rent a jackhammer to take out some of the concrete patio for the dog gate. Noah and his dad got the gate posts installed so all that’s left to do with the gate is to actually attach the swingy parts. (I know…really technical) We also knocked out a doorway between the dining room and kitchen and started drywall mudding it. It just needs another coat or two and it will be done. We took doors off their hinges when they were in really strange spots. We ripped up carpet and took out a kazillion staples. These idiots carpet inside a tiny little 1’x1′ closet with 21 staples! 21 staples! And…what else? Oh…took seagrass off the walls and began the laborious process of stipping wallpaper. Oh and new doorknobs and deadbolts for the doors. I think that’s enough for Friday night, Sat., and Sun. And I’m taking a break tonight. No worky work tonight. But I know tomorrow night we’ll be back over there doing the gate and the wallpaper. There are basically no overhead lights in the house so I can’t paint in the evenings. It’s too dark so…no touching up paint or painting new rooms until this weekend. The plan for this weekend is to get the bathroom ripped out and purchase all the new parts, purchase my dining room table, and get the living room painted. It’s a really big living room/dining room/entry way area, so it’s going to take a long time. I think maybe owning a house is more trouble than I imagined! At least it’s rewarding b/c it’s our house and we are doing it the way that we want and hopefull will be able to sell in 3 to 5 years and make a pretty big profit. OH! And I ordered all my appliances. Yay new appliances. Yay dishwasher!

Oh, and on a side note, this is the first week since school started that I’m actually going to be there for a full week! It’s going to be rough…especially on the lack of sleep I’ve had for worrying about stuff. I told my principal I was taking Oct. 1st off to move and he kind of got mad at me! I will have taken 3 days in the first month of school. Oh well…he’ll live! That’s what sick days are for.

One thought on “Whew!

  1. Yay! So exciting. Yeah buying a house isn’t as exciting when you realize how much work you have to do in order to make the house liveable! Congratulations!

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