I’m not dead in case anyone cares…

No I’m not dead. Just crazy busy. We have a ton to get done on the house and we’re moving our big furniture in on Monday. Yikes! I did get the master bath celings and walls primed and painted and we got the livingroom painted. I also helped Noah put the light fixture up and we bought the stuff to work on the shower in the master bath. We bought a medicine cabinet but…it doesn’t look right and it’s broken so that’s getting taken back. Someday. We got the stuff to put our ceiling fan in. Noah broke the existing ceiling fan in the kitchen. Go Noah. I bought my dining room table. Yay me! I also bought a pumpkin and a door mat for the front porch. We are too fun. šŸ™‚ Little things that make me happy. Feeling overwhelmed with the long list of “to dos” before we move in but really excited to be moving in! Yay us!

We bought a house! What?!


One thought on “I’m not dead in case anyone cares…

  1. The little things are the best!

    My favorite wedding present was a combination of Holiday decorations. So thoughtful!

    I also bought Disney Princess Jack-o-lantern cut outs. I’m so excited!

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