Not not venting

Ok, I’m seriously not going to vent. I don’t know what I’m going to talk about, but I’m not going to vent.

The house is liveable. We’re slowing working on it but I did get some pictures up on the walls and feel infinitely better about that. My picture wall is up and looks amazing but unfortunately I’m out of space on it so I’m going to have to discover another place to put my pictures. Noah promises such a place exists. I’m not so sure. (A picture wall is a place where I put random antique pictures mostly of people that I don’t know)

Dog is loving his yard but he did bite me so…we’re working on it. He has herding dog in him and he tried to herd me. Apparently I”m not a good herder. He broke the skin on my achilles tendon and it still hurts. Dumb dog.

Noah and I were both sick on our combined birthday. Together we are 50 years old. Yay us. So our party that was Friday has been rescheduled to Saturday of this week. We get food, you get us drunk. Yay us.

Finally almost caught up on our tv watching. I’m only behind on the simpsons and family guys which will take no time at all.

Need to stop shopping. Feel this crazy need to constantly spend money. Not necessary. Going to make us broke. Need to stop. Also, student loans are starting up again. I am having a panic attack. Stupid me was trying to figure out finances and called the loan servicer. I got my masters in June, I knew payments would be due soon. Yeah, they didn’t know I was done in June. They had me in school until 2009. Whoops. Now I have an incredibly large payment due and I’m not happy. Yick. Seriously. Who knew? First mortgage payment due on Nov. 1. Nervous!! My whole paycheck and a little of Noah’s is going to the bank. Yikes! I can do it…breathe breathe…picked up a tutoring job on Mondays and Wednesdays, $28 an hour, four hours a week. Can do. Done. Love the kids. Was nervous when I got here tonight but the kids are great. Love them!

Anywho…that’s a brief, quick, update on my life. Love Is going to make me broke. Check it out. Share my blog with your friends…I feel lonely.

p.s. Can’t post to These Little Moment’s blog so I’m doing it here.
I wish that there was no money so I had no debt and I could get whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.
I wish that my students were better behaved.
I wish the weekends were longer.
I wish my grandma was here so I could tell her I love her.
I wish that all clothing always came in my size. Or I was the size the clothes were. Whichever.


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