I am full of awesomeness! I have Noah’s christmas present picked out, spoken for, and it is awesome! It is exactly what he wanted but he has no idea what I’m getting him b/c I keep dropping false hints. Now I’m waiting on our landlord to get us our deposit check back so I can pay for and pick it up. I am awesome.

Also, cranky today with the kids too. I need to do something that has me less cranky with them. But they drive me nuts. They keep repeating the same thing in the same whiney tone of voice over and over until I acknowledge them except I did acknowledge them but they were too busy repeating their whiney-ness that they didn’t hear me. Then I yell b/c I’m frustrated. And this poor girl. Z. Poor thing. Can’t spell her own name, can’t count, doesn’t know her alphabet. She’s in second grade. I just can’t help but wonder what happens to a girl like that when she gets older? Hopefully she doesn’t pop out more mentally handicapped children and since she turned the other mentally handicapped child down when he asked her to be his girlfriend I’m holding out hope….

But…most importantly…I am awesome!

Oh and I thought that the heavy girl with short hair…Sarah I think? Should have been the one sent home on ANTM. FYI in case you cared.


One thought on “Awesomeness

  1. I’m glad you didn’t say who was sent home b/c I didn’t get a chance to watch it.

    I have Dan’s present picked out too!

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