Not dead

Not dead just….sad.

I’ve been sad lately. Not sure if it’s my job, if it’s not getting enough sleep, not happy with my body but not willing to do anything to change it, or if it’s my hormones. I just have been uber cranky and uber sad lately. Don’t really know how to change it either.

We house sat for my parents this weekend. I don’t mind doing it for them, but I really kind of hate it. I hate my hometown and I’m embarassed to see anyone I know. I don’t want to run into anyone I went to high school with. It’s so small we have to drive over a half hour to go shopping or go to a movie or anything. And it’s 2 hours away so we spend a lot of time driving and going back and forth from places. It sucks. We don’t get anything accomplished on our own home. And I’ve got my family coming over for Thanksgiving and there’s still a lot to do. Including hanging our microwave (which I think will take all day).

I’m excited to decorate for Christmas and Halloween but I hate to decorate for fall b/c it’s so hard to find things that aren’t country cutesy and aren’t halloween. Plus I’m irritated. The entire retail world is in preparation for Christmas and it’s not even Halloween yet! Why are there Christmas trees in stores right now? I’m not ready for Christmas!! Geesh!

This week we’re….going out to dinner to celebrate Noah’s new job! (Yay Noah) Then tomorrow night we’re cleaning and cooking. Wednesday we’re hosting a couples Halloween Dinner. I’m preparing LOTS of food so my friends better not punk out. Then Thursday I don’t know what we’re doing and Friday our friend Joy is having a birthday party. Busy week. No money. Not a good thing to not have any monies 😦 We’ll make it. I’m really excited to have our first grownup dinner party!


One thought on “Not dead

  1. Yay for grown up dinner parties. That’s pretty awesome. And decorating for Fall is hard if you don’t want a bunch of pumpkins and scarecrows and hay everywhere 🙂

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