Happy Halloween

…a little early. But I gots a lot of stuff going on tomorrow and I might not get to post and I just HAVE to when it comes to Halloween.

First off, repeat of information, but I am having a grownup dinner party. Complete with witch and bat and pumpkin shaped pasta, blood cream sauce, coffin cake, mummy appetizer, and vampire blood/black cat/something else halloween related wine. I am super psyched.

I am crazy when it comes to Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. I think it has some thing to do with me being weird and wanting to be different so I picked the creepiest, scariest, most un-christian holiday to be my favorite holiday. When I was little I used to pretend that I was a witch or a shape shifter. I would lay in my bed at night and have a little game with imaginary friends and I always had an imaginary tiger in my little imaginary world. I was awesome in my imaginary world. Sometimes I wish I was still there…moving on. I also would wish that I was a vampire. I was a nice vampire of course but I would be a vampire. I have recently discovered the Twilight series which is an AMAZING series about a vampire. It’s young adult fiction so there is unforuntately no sex, but it is still incredibly well written and I am in love with the main character Edward who just happens to be a vampire. If I were to leave Noah for anyone, it would be a vampire. There’s something about living forever and always being out at night that gets to me. That and dressing in black. Plus vampires are just amazingly beautiful and sexy creatures. Mmmmm. Again, have to move on. I am also a horror movie freak. When I was little, like really little, I sat in the hallway while my parents watched It and that was literally it for me. I have read almost every Stephen King novel ever written (the older stuff was much better than the newer stuff) and I try to watch scary movies when they come out. I love to be scared, but most of them don’t do it. The best part about scary movies is that you are either scared which is great or they are sooooo bad that they are funny which is also acceptable. When I’m having a bad day, I rent a scary movie. One of the only scary movies to ever get to me was The Ring. It took awhile to get to me too. That’s the best part. By day seven after I watched the movie, I made Noah sleep with me in my dorm and we had to unplug the TV. I’m a dork I know. Also, my parents house is haunted. I saw ghosts and my friend Ryanne can ‘sense’ ghosts and she refused to be left alone in any room in my house, including the bathroom. I thought it was great that the house was haunted, until the spirits got mad at me one morning and chased me out. Then it was not so cool. But that was several years ago and nothing has happened since. Creepy tho….

Anywho…I love all things Halloween and all things black. I seriously go all out and I’m SUPER excited that we might actually get trick-or-treaters this year! Yay! I really really wish I could dress up this year, but we don’t have anywhere to go that’s having a costume party and we missed the ones our friends had this weekend b/c we were house sitting so…no costume for me this year but seriously, I love Halloween and will be terribly sad to see it go. Yay for Halloween and all things scary!


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