When it rains, it pours

Seriously. Everything goes wrong at the same time.

Things are still not good at school. I think I’m a nice person. I really do. But I don’t always know how what I’m saying sounds to other people. I apparently said something that came across as condescending to another staff member today and she was really upset. Well that really upset me b/c I LOVE this staff member. She’s awesome and it really upset me that I hurt her feelings. So we had to talk it out and fix it. And I cried. Ugh. I feel so overwhelmed by my job this year. There is too much going on and I can’t possibly get to everyone. I just can’t. And so the teachers are mad at me b/c I’m not everywhere at once and their kids are a problem. So I feel bad. Ugh.

Also, we keep spending money like it’s nothing but it is. And it’s going to catch up with us. But I’m not going to panick yet b/c it’s Christmas and that’s always a hard time to save any money and we just bought a house and moved so some of our bills are coming in twos right now.

Also, I did something incredibly embarassing last night in my sleep. And I just can’t bring myself to tell anyone but….it was bad. And embarassing.

Also, I can’t find boots. I have fat a** calves and nothing fits me. If it fits my calves, then it like bags around my ankles. And if it’s leather like I want, I can’t afford it. Ugh.

Sorry. I feel like everything is going wrong at the same time. I’m whiney. Forgive me.


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