Happy Thanksgiving

I’m sitting here in the dark on my couch, so forgive me if the spelling/typing isn’t the greatest. I woke up this morning determined that today would be a good day. And it was. But it was OH so boring. Last day with the kiddies of the week and I didn’t even have to be with the kiddies. The district gives me one day a year to write my IEP’s and they pay for a sub. That was today. ‘Cept my IEP’s aren’t due until March so….I killed time today. I didn’t realize how boring an entire day on the interweb could be. With no music or anything b/c the stupid speakers were broken on the stupid computer 🙂 But at least it was my last day for the week! Yay! And I’m meeting Michelle for happy hour! Yay! Anywho…the plan for tomorrow is massive cleaning. Then Thursday my house will be full of 18 people eating yummy food, most of which I’m not cooking. Then Friday, Noah has to work so I”m on my own and I will probably just sleep in and curl up on the couch. Anywho…I’m so very thankful for my family and my friends. As much as I whine and moan and groan, I have a good life and I’m grateful for it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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