Black Friday

Well today, I slept in! I do not do the Black Friday thing. I used to be so thankful that Noah got out of retail b/c we did all our decorating and tree shopping today but…the new photo house where he works is open today so…the dog, cat, and I are hanging out here alone today. I would really like to go to lunch with someone right about now…

Anywho…dinner yesterday went awesome. I was prepared, dishes were clean, people mingled, tables were pretty, food was awesome. Yay me. I LOVE having thanksgiving lunch here. I don’t have to choose which family I’m hanging out with it. I don’t have to drive anywhere. And, best part, I didn’t even have to cook! The extent of my cooking was putting the ham in the oven. My mom peeled potatoes and made the mashed potatoes I was responsible for and grandma made the gravy I was responsible for. Yay 🙂

We agreed to let one of our neighbor’s dogs out yesterday and this morning. His name is Joey and he’s a really great dog, but he’s HUGE and he’s not trained, and he has agression issues with other dogs. We brought him home, I did all the right things with the growling, he and Satchel were getting along OK and doing a good job, we were going to take his picture and take him back to his house to spend the night in his crate when he attacked Satchel. Satchel is Ok but it really scared me and made Noah furious. So…Joey went home sans picture and I went over this morning to let him out. His owner will be home later. I think he’d be really good for someone with no other dogs (he did fine with the cat) and someone with a really strong personality b/c he has dominance issues. But…he’s so darn cute! and HUGE!

Anywho…I”ll be on the couch enjoying all the wonderful goodnes that TBS and TNT have to offer on black friday. Sorry Mim that your hubby has to work. I feel your pain today. Tomorrow we go Christmas tree shopping and decorating! Noah has started me on buying a live tree every year and I’m super excited!!!


3 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. i just got out of my pjs finally! a day of relaxing is the best in my opinion 🙂

    glad thanksgiving went swimmingly. see? you were all worried!

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