New Years Eve?

So I’m not sure that New Years Eve is going to be the way fun party I had planned. I invited a crap ton of people and so far….oh that’s right, three people. Yes my friends, three people. (Michelle, it’s fine…I’m not irritated with you, I promise! And now that you’ve read this, you may not want to come. I am OK with that too.) What does a girl have to do to get people to come hang out! I’m making appetizer type foods and providing free booze. When did the days of “Free booze? I’m so there!” disappear? With our college days you say? No. Seriously? Damn. I’ve got nothing else to offer!

I really really want to come to NYC and meet everyone, but I have this thing attached to my hip called a husband. And my husband is like no other husband. He wants to come. He doesn’t want me going by myself. I think he’s really just not wanting to miss out on all the fun. But he’s shy. And he’ll whine about how he doesn’t know anyone and anything else he can think of to whine about. But if I leave him at home, the whining will be worse. And I’m just not sure we can afford for both of us to come. I know I don’t have much time to think it over b/c I’ll have to buy tickets. Anyone else bringing their SO who could pretend to be interested in video games, photography, and dark beers? Anyone?


Christmas is Over

Well, Christmas is over. And this year it didn’t really feel like Christmas. There’s no snow, it’s over 40 degrees outside and sunny. And when Christmas is in the middle of the week, it doesn’t really feel right. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.

Baltimore was amazing. I think I want to move there. For real. Ave. Q was cute and funny and so true and sometimes really amazingly crude and overall great. The 84 year old man next to me sitting with his 80 year old wife seemed to enjoy themselves. They had the little earphone thingies to help them hear better and binoculars to help them see better and they were laughing up a storm. Our hotel was beautiful. The Inner Harbour area is amazing. So much to do and so much to eat in such a small location. I could have eaten all day for a month and still not eaten at all the restaurants that were available. Mmmm fresh seafood! We are definitely going to go back this summer and in three years when we’re ready to leave Columbus it will be one of the places we consider.

Christmas eve with my family was not long enough. I miss my parents. I’m going to go back and stay with them Thursday and Friday to get some more time in before we all go back to work. Christmas day with Noah’s family was way too long. They are always annoying and irritating. Thank goodness that’s over!

Now I’m finally sitting at home, I got to sleep in this morning. Yay! We’ve got the little rat dog that we’re dogsitting for. He’s seriously annoying. And my 57lb black dog? Yeah, he’s scared of the little rat dog. The little rat dog bites you when you make him do something he doesn’t want to. I put him off the couch last night, yeah he bit me. I pushed him away from the door this morning, yeah he bit me. Luckily he doesn’t have most of his teeth and he hasn’t broken the skin, but still! I wish my dog would just bark at him already and stop skulking around, hiding behind my legs!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is enjoying sleeping in today, although I know a lot of you had to go back to work today. I don’t have to go back to work until Jan. 7th! Yay me! So if I don’t have a lot to blog about…forgive me. I’m most likely watching DVD’s, reading the last Harry Potter book, and generally killing brain cells.

Still at school

So I’m here. At work. With students. Again. Until 3:15. And I’ve just exhausted the internet.

I snuck out early last night from the program, but not early enough. I was so tired. I went home, wrapped all the presents and went to bed. Tonight we’ve got to pack and get ready for Baltimore and the ensueing Christmas madness.

I wish all of you travelers a safe and traffic free trip. Enjoy your family and friends and nice warm snuggly beds with people that you love. I probably won’t post until after Christmas. So…Happy safe holidays!

Oh Holy Sh*t!

I usually can’t get to ANY of this at school. But the other day, I noticed that I could see pictures on blogs again. And I thought to myself hmm….Then today, I accidently clicked on comments on Michelle’s blog and guess what? The crazy school computer blocking bitch who lives in my computer didn’t say I couldn’t read the comments. She actually let me! So I tried to leave a comment. And I can!!! And I can post!

And of course, I just have angry Kari with me today. Happy Kari won’t arrive until get en route to Baltimore.

Angry Kari is very angry that she has to be at work today. She’s a teacher. For a reason. She likes summers off and super long holidays. But not this year. This year we have to work until 3:15 on Friday. We get out a half hour early. Seriously? What’s the point? Angry Kari has decided that she hates children this week. Because as angry as Kari is this week, apparently the children are even angrier that they have to be here and are JERKS! They have decided that since they normally don’t have to be here, the normal rules don’t apply. They are running around, yelling, being disrespectful. And those teachers who don’t normally do their jobs? Oh right, they’re REALLY not doing their jobs this week. So when you send kids out of the class for punishment, they just come right back. Gee thanks. If I wanted to see their smiling little faces, I woudln’t have sent them to you in the first place! Angry Kari is also angry that she has to not only be here this week, but also attend a stupid after school gathering for parents that the principal isn’t even attending! Seriously? Oh wait, I know how we can make this horrible week better. Let’s stay after school for three and a half hours and entertain parents! Awesome.

Sorry everyone. I’m very cranky. Forgive me.


Thank you all for your opinions. You reinforced what I already thought. I think if the red cardigan were shorter, it would look better but it’s not. Plus the first one is way fun, I just didn’t know if it was dressy enough.

I only have three days of school left this week and I don’t know if I can make it. I really really don’t. The kids are off the walls, I have this never ending headache, and I can’t seem to sleep at night. Ugh. Plus I’ve gots lots of stress. With Christmas and buying a new house, money is super tight. Super tight. And my in-law family is made up of horrible mean people who don’t like me and don’t miss any opportunity to belittle me.

Baltimore can’t get here soon enough.

What do you think?

Ok, I am in need of opinions, which I KNOW we all have in abundance! Please be honest.

I picked this outfit for the Ave. Q show in Baltimore on Saturday. What do we think? (please ignore the no makeup pasty face…I think I’ll flat iron my hair super straight and not sure on earrings or other jewelry yet but other than that…) (also note, the dress has cute little pockets down towards the bottom and is t-shirt material so will travel well)

This is option number two. The dress is strapless, also t-shirt material with pleats in the skirt and lace at the bottom. Again, ignore the no makeup pasty face and I don’t know what I would do about jewelry yet.

Thank you for your help in this o so pressing matter 🙂

I got Nothin’

Just wanted to say that I’ve had a great weekend. Enjoyed shopping with Michelle today. Can’t believe it’s only 8 days until Christmas and I still have two gift cards to get. My kitchen and living room are reasonably clean. I’m super excited to go to Baltimore this weekend. I know Noah and I will have a chance to talk a lot of things out on our drive. We really have the best conversations in the car. I mean, he proposed to me in the car so….

Anyway….5 days and counting until school is out for two weeks. 6 days and counting until Baltimore. 8 days and counting until Christmas. I’m going to make it.