I got Nothin’

Just wanted to say that I’ve had a great weekend. Enjoyed shopping with Michelle today. Can’t believe it’s only 8 days until Christmas and I still have two gift cards to get. My kitchen and living room are reasonably clean. I’m super excited to go to Baltimore this weekend. I know Noah and I will have a chance to talk a lot of things out on our drive. We really have the best conversations in the car. I mean, he proposed to me in the car so….

Anyway….5 days and counting until school is out for two weeks. 6 days and counting until Baltimore. 8 days and counting until Christmas. I’m going to make it.


5 thoughts on “I got Nothin’

  1. Yes you will make it. And before we all know it, the holidays will be over and we’ll be in the dreaded long stretch to Memorial Day!

  2. Ditto Princess P. It’s only 8 days till Christmas and I’ve got about 6 gifts to buy, and don’t have ideas for any of them! Ahh.

    PS you will totally make it!

  3. So glad you had a great weekend! I can’t wait for the end of this week either. And with only two gift cards left to purchase, you are rocking the Christmas shopping this year! I still have to buy something for my BOYFRIEND.

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