Thank you all for your opinions. You reinforced what I already thought. I think if the red cardigan were shorter, it would look better but it’s not. Plus the first one is way fun, I just didn’t know if it was dressy enough.

I only have three days of school left this week and I don’t know if I can make it. I really really don’t. The kids are off the walls, I have this never ending headache, and I can’t seem to sleep at night. Ugh. Plus I’ve gots lots of stress. With Christmas and buying a new house, money is super tight. Super tight. And my in-law family is made up of horrible mean people who don’t like me and don’t miss any opportunity to belittle me.

Baltimore can’t get here soon enough.


6 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. I HATE when money is tight – it affects every other aspect of your life. Hope this week flies by for you and have SO MUCH fun in Baltimore. Take pictures!

  2. Ugh, money sucks. We should use shells like the Flintstones.

    And schools are keeping kids later and later nowadays aren’t they. Geez.

  3. I hate the pressure of the holiday season! You will make it and then you will look back and pat yourself o nthe back, really. Have fun in B-more!

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