UPDATE on NYE: The head count as of when we went to bed last night was 5 heads all night and one or possibly two? popping by. Now we’re at 9 heads all night and one or two popping by. I had food and alky for the 5 of us. Now I’ve got to figure something out for 9!

Everyone is writing reflection posts or resolution posts. My year was pretty tame. I don’t have much of interest. I worked all year, didn’t take the summer off. Got an inheritance from my Aunt who passed away. Bought a new car and some furniture. Went on vacation to Texas in said new car. Had a great time. Came back, continued working. Started blogging and started commenting. Am enjoying the network of friends and support when needed. Am enjoying the ability to pour my heart out and not be judged. Bought a house. Something I’ve always wanted and needed to make me to feel like a complete, successful person. Had a birthday. Nothing new. Went to Baltimore, an amazing city that I can’t wait to go back to. Merry Christmas full of lame presents and the rat dog. Presents just get lamer as you get older. (Is lamer a word?) New Years Eve will be really laid back and full of horrible Kung Fu Movies and hopefully Knocked up or The Big Lebowski and drinking and Euchre. All in all, it was a pretty good year. My husband and I had some really rough times, but we love each other and we’ll make it work. I’ve found myself actually wanting to be pregnant and found Noah much more receptive to this thought than ever before. We’re not rich, but we’re pretty stable. We’ve got the money to buy the things we want. If there was a huge problem or emergency, we’d be pretty screwed, but we put money back and we spend what we want.

I hope the new year brings new friends and closer relationships with the old ones. I hope I get things worked out with my parents. I’m an only child and have never felt so distant from them. It hurts. I want to get some of our debt paid off, and hopefully we’ll finally get the rest of the inheritance and I can do that. And secretly, (ie. I hope Noah doesn’t read my blog) I hope a mistake happens. I know that while we are financially stable enough for us, a child would make it difficult but I know we would make it. I know that Noah has dreams and hopes for his future and a child would probably hinder that in some way. But secretly, I hope for an accident. I would never do it on purpose but maybe, even will all our precautions, something will happen. And if it doesn’t, I’m fine with that too. Mostly, I want to have another tame year full of love and happiness.


7 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Oh Euchre…how I miss thee.

    You’ve had a full year and next year will be even more wonderful! Visiting me will surely help that!

  2. My friend and her husband can’t commit to when they’re going to have a baby and she thinks they should just not be careful every now and then. I love the idea of it being a surprise.

  3. Buying a house hardly counts as tame, my dear. Mostly because I’m jealous!

    As for hoping for an accident, I’ve realized there is never a 100% right time for a baby. Life will always try to get in the way. But two people who love each other can make it work, anyways, even if the timing isn’t perfect.

  4. B’more is indeed a great city….I am actually there right now (visiting my best friend). Viva la Baltimore!

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