I haven’t been on here much lately. I guess I feel like the little things going on in my life are pretty mundane and I wouldn’t want to waste your time reading about them. So….to take a page from so many of my favorite bloggers, what do you want to know? Ask me several deep and thoughtful questions and I will answer them. Not all in one post, I wouldn’t want to waste them! But I will. Please? Thanks.


5 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Deep questions…

    1. FAvourite type of cookie?
    2. Would you rather have an Irish accent or would you rather date a guy who did?
    3. Favourite type of shampoo?
    4. Movie you’ve watched at least 10 times?
    5. Favourite juice derived from a fruit?

    Okay. That’s a lot.

  2. If you could go back and change one thing about your life, that you think would enrich your life today, what would you do and why?

  3. you want me to be deep?! hmmm this is tough.

    when did you first speak the L-word and do you think you meant it?

    if you could travel back in time would you want to? where would you go, what would you do, and why?

  4. Hmmmm Deep and meaningful?…..How about just simple? whats the number one simplest thing that you enjoy and your life would NOT be the same without?

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