I was mad for good reason at work. (But what made me even more upset was the fact that I started crying when I was trying to yell. I never used to do that. What’s happened to me?) I’m tired of the adult staff acting like the children that we teach. If everyone was really there to do their job, we would all be fine. But unfortunately we aren’t all there for the same reason. I like to believe that things would be better if I didn’t teach in the ghetto, but the truth is they probably wouldn’t. The problem isn’t the kids. I love my little hood rats. In fact one of them told me today that when he gets his car, and I get old, he’s going to take me to the hood and dress me up all ghetto. Who’s not excited about that? Seriously. I love urban kids. I really do. It’s the urban staff that’s a problem. So….in spite of my possible (and I stress possible) $17,500 loan cancellation if I stay with this urban district for the next two years, I think I may be looking for a job.


6 thoughts on “so…

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear things aren’t going well at work! I can totally understand, I am currently in the market for a new job too. But getting so mad like that is awful, I feel so bad you’re in such a situation.

    And yes, I live just north of Goodale Park. I’d love to meet up with you guys for a drink! Drop me an email at YAY!

  2. Sadly, those people are in every situation. It’s b/c they’re insecure and they feel like if they act like they’re better than us, then they really are. But they’re not.

  3. Yuck. I’m sorry you have to work with people like that. I hope that things get better soon – whether it is finding a new job or things getting better where you are.

    Happy Friday!

  4. I find it admirable that you’re able to teach and love it in such an environment and tolerate co-workers like that at the same time. I wonder what it’s like. From a teacher’s perspective, I mean.

  5. As you can see, I’m embarrassingly behind on my blog reading. I just wanted to comment that I sympathize with your frustration. It’s so upsetting and disappointing to realize that the people who are supposed to be your peers are so often lacking in the dedication, maturity, and (sometimes) ability. Your colleagues are supposed to be there to support you, to create a network that makes a difficult job easier. When they are the very thing that makes the job misery, it’s time to start looking elsewhere.


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