Thanks Virginia. I was going to share my latest crazy dream with you all anyway, but reading her post tonight reminded me to do it!

So….not last night, but the night before, I had a dream about bears.

Noah and I were at Kings Island and I don’t remember what ride we were in line for, but someone grabbed us and yelled “Tornado!” and shoved us inside a tiny little metal building. So we’re all standing around, cramped in this tiny little room for what seems like forever. (What does this have to do with bears you say? Just wait. It’s coming.) Noah gets tired of waiting and is like, “Let’s go look outside. We’re essentially in a trailer anyway, so being outside can’t be any worse right?” So we go outside and to our left, the sky is massively dark and there’s a huge tornado spinning. Well the car is to the right, so Noah decides that we should make a run for it. While we’re running for the car, we notice another tornado over on our right. But not as big. (Where’s the bear again?) So we get in the car and go to leave and apparently everyone else had the same idea. So we’re waiting in this long line of cars to exit the park. Finally we get to exit and it’s our turn to turn right onto the road and at this point I get fuzzy. I think we were in an accident but I’m not sure. Somehow the car is now gone and we have a bike. One bike. One cheap crappy Wal-Mart mountain bike. And Noah’s riding it of course. And complaining about how the suspension is too stiff and it’s not handling well. So we’re riding, well he’s riding I’m walking, the bike down the curvy road surrounded by woods, and we see a bunch of big green vans sitting by the side of the road. You know the kind of vans that colleges and churches take? So like four of those, empty with their doors open sitting by the side of the road. So we ditch the bike and walk down the road very sneakily wondering what’s going on. As we turn the corner (here it comes!) we see a huge male bear hanging from a tree. Hanging like a suicide in a noose from a tree. And the momma bear is chasing her baby bear around below the body. Well the baby bear sees us and decides he wants to play with us so it starts chasing us. And of course momma is chasing him. We run and try to get away. We end up climbing on a statue of a bear that fell over during the tornado. And the baby bear wants to play with us so he swipes at us as we are climbing and he scratches me and I scream and he falls off the statue. So by now the momma bear has caught up with us and I’m thinking she’s going to attack us and I’m scared. So she climbs up after us and looks at us and says, “My baby seems to like you. Would you like to come home with us and live in our bear community?” So we go home with the bears and live with them until we get bored and decide to go home.

That was seriously my dream. I didn’t make any of that up. Promise.


5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. He was riding the bike and you were walking? What’s that about?

    It sounds as though Momma bear just hired you to be the nanny.

  2. HAHAHA! That is an excellent dream! I’m really glad you wrote about it. What’s with the one bear hanging himself though?! He just couldn’t handle the coming tornado? That part is a bit creepy. But the rest, hilarious.

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