Crazy for Cocoa Puffs!

Is it just me, or is Tyra getting crazier each season?



As I stated in my opening blog, I was moving over here so that I could reserve the right to password protect my writing to save my job.  So this is the first of those posts.  If you would like to read it, please send me an email karijo(dot)09(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know. 

(It’s not all that exciting really, just venting about work etc.  I won’t be offended if you don’t ask for the password.)

Susie Homemaker

There are some things I LOVE about being a wife and a homeowner.  One of them is, I finally have a dining room devoted to actual dining and a dining room table.  Every holiday I decorate the table and we have a dinner party.  This is the easter/spring table.  (Those are bunnies my Grandma Mac made when I was little.  The flowers are Hyacinths and the fruit is real 🙂 )  Enjoy!

                                                                   Easter Table


I don’t really have anything to write about but….I’ve been wanting to write all day.  So I figure I’ll sit down and start writing and maybe something good will come out of it.

 So…to update everyone:

  •  I decided to move over here to wordpress because I could password protect blogs thus saving me from the scariness that would be losing my job.  I will post a password protected one as soon as I get the update from work.
  • We got our taxes back.  Yea measly amount of money.  I do not appreciate your small-ness which is unfortunately going into savings.  It’s really not even enough to think about putting on debt. 
  • I finally finally get my lunch duty money Friday the 29th so I’m super psyched about that.  I owe the credit card some $$ and I owe the savings acct. some $$ and then I think sadly, it will be all gone.
  • I think I might finally be done being sick.  Let’s hope.  I tried to treat a sinus infection at home.  That didn’t work.  It morphed into a sinus infection + strep throat.  So I went to the Dr. with my 104 degree temperature and he prescribed me some stuff.  Which made me feel better for about a day and then turned nasty on me.  I had to leave work early yesterday b/c of cramping and not being able to breathe.  Yeah.  Not so much fun really. 
  • Today was a snow day!  Yay!
  • Tomorrow is week 7 of 8 weeks of Saturday morning tutoring so I am almost done.  I can smell the finish line and the resumption of sleeping in on Saturday mornings.  Can’t freaking wait.
  • Am not going to be able to afford to go to New York with all of you.  I am seriously heartbroken, but I reviewed our finances and it’s just not a smart decision considering how much it’s going to cost for only a couple days.  I will miss you.  Move it someplace closer to me next year, and I’m so in.
  • And in conclusion….I am looking forward to my tax rebate from Mr. Bush.  Seriously the only good thing he has done as President.  And it certainly doesn’t make up for the numerous messes he got us into, but I’ll take my $1200 and put it toward his tab.

 Happy Weekend Everyone!!


Hello freaders!

 I had several warnings from friends who know people who have lost their job due to their blogs and blog content so…I’ve switched to WordPress.  I will only password protect posts about work and if you want to read them, just ask for the password.  I just want to CMA.

 Thanks for coming along with me!  Leave me some love to let me know that you found me. (oh and update your readers 🙂 )