Weekend? What weekend?

Sooooo…Friday’s snow day was awesome. We had sushi with friends for dinner then went to see Golden Compass. Don’t go. If you did, I’m sorry. I read the books and LOVED the series but, honestly? The movie was a load of crap. They totally rewrote the entire book and didn’t even give you the important information. Ugh.

Saturday I had tutoring, which actually went Ok for once. Then I went shopping!!! No I didn’t get the BIG check I was expecting, but I took some monies for myself and went shopping. I got a pair of jeans, two shirts, a tank, and a pair of shoes all for $100. Yay me. The jeans are Seven for All Mankind…which I love. Thank you Filene’s Basement for making designer jeans affordable. The shoes are WAY ugly alone, but with jeans they are amazing. I will post pictures. (Also pics will be posted tonight of my new haircut. Promise.)

Sunday blew. Seriously and totally. We had to go to the Spfld to have lunch with Noah’s sister b/c she’s too “busy” to come to C-bus for her mom’s birthday. And yet somehow when she found out that an organic supermarket was closing, she only has class until 12nn and can come. Hmm. Funny how that works. You’re too busy to come to C-bus for your Mom’s birthday and yet you can be here for your own purposes…Hmmm. So that was a crazy long car ride and lunch sucked and his sister’s cake sucked, I had a horrible stomach ache, and then we had to come back. Also, didn’t watch the superbowl. I DVR’d it and am fastforwarding through the game to watch the commercials.

Being back at work today sucks. I hope I’m not getting sick…


5 thoughts on “Weekend? What weekend?

  1. “Also, didn’t watch the superbowl. I DVR’d it and am fastforwarding through the game to watch the commercials.”

    this? is why we’re friends.

  2. I saw the golden compass and was disappointed also. it was kind of just “eh” for me.

    I came over from The Underpaid Princess blog b/c I thought I must visit anyone who recognizes the genius of Akinyele, lol

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