Another one?

Another snow day means I have to actually do some work around the house. I actually have to shower and get dressed. Damn. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad we have it b/c I was supposed to have parent teacher conferences tonight and instead I get to go to my bowling league…but still. Two days in a row. That means I’ll have to do something. Like vaccum and unload the dishwasher and put away dishes. Ugh. I don’t even want to think about it.

We were watching scrubs last night (or maybe it was on the night before) and it’s an early-ish one where JD realizes that he doesn’t love Elliot, instead they are just best friends. That got me thinking. I think that in order to love someone, you also have to be their best friends. Noah’s my best friend. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. I know that I love him, but I don’t know how I know I love him. Weigh in readers, how do you know that you love someone? I mean, I know I do, but how do I know?


7 thoughts on “Another one?

  1. My boy is definitely my best friend. I know I couldn’t imagine life without. He’s the first person I run to with good news, sad news, or just to be with.

    It’s just something you just know, I guess.

  2. i think it’s something you just know as well.

    but there are signs. the butterflies when they call. missing them after only a day or two apart. turning to them when something great happens.

    the person you love should enhance your life, not be your life. it should be better because they’re a part of it. you should be able to live without them, but choose not to.

  3. Dan is most definitely my best friend. We always joke about having a slumber party and painting each other’s nails and braiding each other’s hair b/c of how much we gossip 🙂

  4. I agree…you just know when you’ve found him. You can’t imagine your life without him in it, and he makes you a better person. As much as I love my girls, Alex is definitely my best friend.

  5. Definately, my husband is my friend. I tell him everything. I think starting out as friends is a great start, then one day you just realize how much they’re presence means. From then on, you choose to love them more than a friend. There have been times things have made me question, then I realize I like liking him; I like being with him; I like the life I have with him and wouldn’t choose anything different. There are times I wish the situations were different, but never without him!

  6. I have a snow day today, too!!

    Previous commenters offered great signs for knowing when you love someone. I’d add that you know you love someone when you truly act with their happiness/wellness in mind, even if it means letting them go. Mr4444 did that with me many, many years ago (when we were dating), and I’m happy to say, I came back! 🙂

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