When Autobiography of my Feet put up her contest I wanted to at least make a short entry about my feet.

We all have feet. Like them or not. And most people I know? They don’t like feet. Myself included. My feet are pretty normal looking. I have ten toes and all the other normal parts. My second toe is not longer than my first toe. My husband insists it’s a sign of greatness, I see it as gross. I have bunions. Thanks mom. And they do interfere with my ability to wear some shoes.

I am a teacher. Which most people think means I wear sensible shoes. But I don’t. I LOVE heels. Love love love. I think this is because I am 5’3″ and my husband is 6’2″. I need them. I will wear them all day. Four inches, no worries. I will wear them. I love expensive shoes too. Because they are usually the most comfortable heels. I do have bunions, thanks Mom, and this means that I will not be able to wear cute and adorable heels for my entire life unless I have surgery. So I will wear them now. Daily.

I also LOVE sandals and flip flops. As soon as it’s remotely warm enough to wear sandals, I have them on. I have a HUGE collection of them. Every color.

I HATE socks. With a passion. My mother thinks this is why I get sick during the winter because I refuse to wear socks or slippers at home. My feet? Were born to be naked. Except for nail polish of course. My feet look alien without polish.

I don’t like to see other people’s feet. I don’t like to touch other people’s feet or be touched by them. I don’t want your feet on me.

So in conclusion, I don’t like my feet. But I LOVE shoes and have way too many of them. I hate socks but love to be barefoot!


4 thoughts on “Feet

  1. Despite the fact that you hate yours and I’ve learned (am learning) to love mine, our feet sound remarkably similar. Except I’ve already had the surgery (-ies) – my advice? Put those off as loooooong as possible, and enjoy your heels now while you can! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You’ve got yourself a wonderful entry into the contest!

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