Ah Memories

Michelle made me laugh when I read her blog this morning.  It reminded me of when Noah and I went to Michigan before we were engaged. 

We went to Applebees for dinner and of course I’m a sucker for those gumball machines.  We found one that had rings in it and we decided that it would be funny if we came back to the hotel with rings on our fingers.  So we each got a ring out of the machine and went back to the room.  We enjoyed ourselves and were laying in bed watching TV, bored, when we realized that Noah’s finger was swelling and we couldn’t get the ring off.  Yeah.  Not cool.  In a city we don’t know and his finger is swelling at 11 pm?  Fun times.  So we found a Meijer and hightailed it to the hardware department where Noah found tin snips that would fit between his finger and the ring and he cut it off.  Whew. Crisis averted.  Fun times were had the rest of the weekend.

So Michelle?  Take it off before your finger swells!


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