A few of my favorite things…

So it would appear that I’m back on feet today.  I meant to post this awhile ago but Noah said he wanted to do the photos for my blog so…I was waiting on him.  See if you can tell which one he took and which ones I got tired of waiting on him and took myself….

 These are two of my favorite pairs of shoes.  Believe it or not, they are actually comfortable enough to wear all day.  I love the dark green b/c it kind of sneaks out from under jeans.  And the red ones?  Just plain sassy!



And this is the scarf I made for Noah! I can do other knitting patterns than this, but he just wanted plain and boring old garter stitch. I didn’t want to share that I was knitting until I was sure that I was going to do it for more than a couple days 🙂 If you would like a scarf of your very own, you can
a. send me money for the yarn
b. offer me something in trade
c. buy the yarn yourself and ship it to me
and a beautiful scarf can be yours before fall. I also am embarking on baby blankets, pillows, mittens, hats, and socks. You can order those with the same above steps. Let me know!



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