If wishes were money…or alternatively titled “I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind”

I wish I had more money.

 Doesn’t everyone?  Right.  I thought so.  Usually I work all day, so I don’t have time to obsess over money like I am right now.  Usually everything in the house doesn’t break all at the same time.

Our sink exploded last week so….we spent the weekend replacing the faucet and the guts of the sink.  For a total of around $100.

This morning, I threw laundry in and water started coming out from the bottom of the washer.  I checked behind the washer to make sure a hose wasn’t loose, nope.  No loose hose.  So I’m guessing the washer is going to need to be replaced.  Thankfully my dad works for Whirlpool so we can get a new one relatively cheap, but it’s still going to cost me over $100.  Probably around $200 with delivery.

Sunday night my mom calls to inform me that I have to pay taxes on the inheritance money.  Yeah, I haven’t even gotten the rest of the money yet.  AND I already filed my taxes, received my return, and promptly spent it.  So…yeah, not cool.  That’s going to cost me around $400.  And Grandma doesn’t think she feels like releasng the money so that I can pay that bill.  Cuz ya know, I’ve got loads of cash just laying around.

I haven’t been shopping for me in a really long time.  And the last time I did go shopping for me, I only spent like $50 at Target so I’m not sure that even counts as shopping for me.  I’m going crazy.  I want to spend money on me.  I want to buy super cute shit that I’ll only wear once but still feel fabulous in.  Also we’ve got a lot of work to do on the house and the landscaping.  A lot of work.  Which we don’t have the money for.  And we were going to use the inheritance to go to Japan.  But with all this other stuff happening, I don’t know if a. we’ll get the money in time or b. if we should spend it in that way.

 Grrr.  Is Spring Break over yet?


4 thoughts on “If wishes were money…or alternatively titled “I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind”

  1. I definitely hear you on this one. I was just looking over the accounts, feeling pretty good and like we have some extra spending money, when I realized: brother’s wedding (and attendant bridesmaids dress, hotel room, and presents) and moving apartments (and extra costs of moving truck, etc) both in the next few months. Nope, no spending money for me…

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