The things people say…

So today I was listening to the radio on my way into work.  I happen to listen to a local talk radio station.  In my ten to twenty minute drive, I get sports, the celebrity gossip, traffic, and news.  In that order. 

Today they had a guest on the show.  She was an exotic dancer.  Among other things.  And when they asked her about the “other things” that she had done, she seemed embarrassed.  Why is one embarrassed with their profession?  And if one IS embarrassed, why doesn’t one change professions?  Just a thought.  Anywhoodle, turns out she is not just an exotic dancer, she is also an adult film star.  They asked her how many films she had done, and her first answer was 150 to 200.  In three years.  Then she tried to backpeddle and say that she lost count.  But of course my brain was working overtime.  150 in three years…hmm…that’s roughly 4 a month…hmm…I wonder what that pays…4 a month?  Wow that seems like a lot.  That’s one adult film a week…hmm…sometimes that’s more than I have sex…hmm…maybe my sex life is lacking…hmm…

And I arrived at school.  With sex on the brain.

On a totally different note, I just need to vent.  Why do people have to be rude?  I didn’t make it home in time for the office last night and we couldn’t DVR it because there were already 2 shows being recorded.  I was totally bummed and intend to watch the web cast tonight.  So I get into work and this incredibly full of himself co-worker asks me if I saw it b/c we usually discuss it.  I say no and please don’t talk about it because I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t want to hear about it.  About two seconds of silence…aaaaand he launches into a verbatim rehearsal of the show.  Are you kidding?  I very nicely asked you not to ruin it for me and you couldn’t keep your big mouth shut.  So I get up and leave and he yells, “You don’t have to go, I’m not giving the spoiler”  I yell back, “If you didn’t have to be so rude, I wouldn’t have to leave.”  Asshat.  Then we get to lunch.  We’re discussing gas and what not and the music teacher brings up health care.  She heard on Dateline or something about the universal health care program that Taiwan has.  She’s Taiwanese.  So we start talking about it b/c I heard a program on NPR about it.  He interrupts me to say, “No, You’re wrong.  It’s like this.”  Ok jackass.  First of all, don’t interrupt me.  Secondly, if you had LET ME FUCKING FINISH MY SENTENCE you would have realized that I wasn’t wrong, but that you and I were discussing different parts of the program.  Fast forward five minutes, we’re now discussing how stable the European economy is and how they have better public transportation, better education, and better healthcare.  I jokingly say that I’m going to move there.  He interrupts me AGAIN to tell me that I’m wrong because if the American economy goes to shit, so will the European.  I try to state my opinion again.  He AGAIN tells me that my opinion is wrong.  Thankfully someone opens the door to tell him to come collect his children because I would have had to walk away again.  24 more days.  24 more days.  24 more days.


(editor’s note:  we don’t usually discuss ANYTHING this serious at lunch.  Usually the most serious we get is the worst names we’ve had or heard of in the classroom.  Ssston?  Seriously people?)


Another Knitting project

I found a really neat knitting “myspace” as Noah calls it, called Ravelry through some of the knitting blogs I read.  (I know, I’m a dork)  So I joined.  And I found a knit-along I wanted to do making slippers.  I asked someone to do it with me, but she chickened out  🙂  I did it anyway.  After ripping out two slippers, I finally made a pair I was happy with.  I’m going to give them to Noah’s mom for Mother’s Day.  I present to you Amy March’s Slippers.

I have a tattoo!

Sometimes I start to leave a comment and then realize it’s getting pretty lengthy so I decide to write a post.

Today is the story of my tattoos.

My first tattoo was a pink and yellow daisy on my right hip.  I got it on my 18th birthday.  My two favorite colors are pink and yellow and my favorite flower is a daisy.  Done and done.

My second tattoo was a teal Celtic infinity sign on the middle of my lower back.  I loved the design, but as with all tattoos, it isn’t perfect.  Add to that the fact that I had an allergic reaction to homemade dyes, and now my tattoo is kind of fuzzy around the edges.  Luckily it’s my tramp stamp so I can’t see it.

My third tattoo is actually just added onto my infinity sign.  I went to a great artist here in C-bus and had him look at the fuzzy tattoo and see if it could be remedied.  Unfortunately, because of my reaction, it’s raised up from the rest of my skin, so they can’t cover it up b/c it will always be noticeable.  So he added two more Celtic signs in the same color to each side to kind of draw attention away from it.

My fourth tattoo started out life as a sea turtle.  He was supposed to just be a cute little sea turtle on the inside of my left ankle.  All black.  Unfortunately the artist neglected to tell me that he only been tattooing for 6 months.  He told me that he had worked there for 2 years.  And he showed me work that wasn’t his own.  So it ended up looking like a cross between the stay puff marshmallow man, a totem pole, and a rocket ship.  Needless to say, I contacted the owner of the shop who personally fixed it but now it’s almost 1 1/2 times bigger than I wanted it and it’s a star outlined in pink.  And it needs touched up, but seriously?  That hurt like a mother so…I advise AGAINST inner ankles.

My most recent tattoo I got when we went to Austin this summer.  It’s a smattering of stars in pink, yellow, and teal on my left hip.  I hope that every time we take a trip that’s significant to me, I will be able to look up a good tattoo artist and have the stars added onto.  I love them sooo much.  I love the way they peek out of the top of my jeans when my shirt doesn’t quite reach.  They are my favorite of all my tattoos.

So…I urge anyone who wants one to get a tattoo.  But do seriously consider what you’re getting and who you’re going to.  It makes a HUGE difference in the quality of the work.

Ok, really?


Today I was caught in the middle of a fist fight.  These two girls have been going at it all year.  I was standing in between them while they hurled insults at each other and about each other’s mama and grandmama.  They weren’t even saying anything mean about the mama’s and grandmama’s, they were just yelling.  All of a sudden, one of the girls decides to reach around me and slap the other girl on the face!  And of course, then it’s on.  They are pulling hair and punching with me still stuck in the middle!  And why am I stuck in the middle?  Because one of them missed and has ahold of MY hair!  So then they decide they can fight better rolling on the steps so they take me down with them.  Somehow I managed to get out of the middle of the fight, but they wouldn’t let go of each other.  I had to send a kid for the principal.  They wouldn’t even separate for him!  And the kicker?  Since we’re testing next week?  They aren’t being suspended!  Are you kidding me?  Three very violent fights just since Christmas and they aren’t getting suspended?  That’s whack yo.

Summer ’08

Is it summer yet?  It should be.  I only have 34 school days left and school is out.  Yay!  But I’m working all summer.  Boo.  But I’m making $28 and change per hour working over the summer in addition to my regular salary.  Yay!

So here are my tentative travel plans for summer 2008.

June 7th we head to Cincy to visit some friends and their baby Owen.  He’s so cute.

June 27-29th we are going to North Carolina to visit with my real life blogger friend Mim.  I can’t wait!  I haven’t seen her in almost 4 years.

July 4th takes us up to Chicago to stay with some friends who moved up there about a year ago.  We sure miss them.

August 1st-4th we go to Baltimore with my Grandparents.  We LOVED Baltimore when we were there Christmas last year and we really want to go back and spend some more time.  My grandfather has Alzheimers and we wanted to take a trip with them before he is completely gone.  It seemed like a good fit.

I’m sure we’ll have some trips to my parent’s thrown in there for good measure too.  And we’re working on a couple weekend trips to Hocking Hills or Tar Hollow to do some hiking with the dog.  Hopefully summer will be a much needed break from school and kids!

What are your plans for this summer?

Let’s do the Time Warp again…

You’ll be my new IBFF if you know what movie that’s from…and you can be my real life BFF if you go see a showing with me.

Anywho…on to the point.  I thought we’d take step to the left and then a jump to the right down a magical song journey through my life

The Number One Song on:

The day I was born: 
October 11, 1983
Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler 

The day I turned 5:
October 11, 1988
Red Red Wine – UB40  An awesome song!  Just try to get it out of your head.

The day I turned 10:
October 11, 1993
Dreamlover – Mariah Carey  Seriously?  I hate Mariah Carey!

The day I turned 15:
October 11, 1998
One Week – The Barenaked Ladies  More like one year until I could get my license!

The day I graduated high school:
June 6, 2001
Lady Marmalade – Christina Aguilera

They day I “lost my innocence”: 
October 28, 1999
Smooth – Santana  It was anything but smooth.

The day I turned 21:
October 11, 2004
Goodies – Ciara

The day I met my husband: 
October 18, 2002
Dilemma – Nelly & Kelly Rowland  No dilemma here…I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

The day we had our first date:
October 28, 2002
Dilemma – Nelly & Kelly Rowland  Still No. 1?  It wasn’t that great!

The day I graduated college:
May 15, 2005
Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani

The day I got married:
May 20, 2004
Burn – Usher  Hmm…wonder what that means?  Our marriage burns with passion?

The day I turned 25: not happened yet!
October 11, 2008

I tag…Mim, Michelle, and Donna.  Please feel free to take dates out that are not relevant to you.

Continueing in that theme

I didn’t mean to say in my last post that kids were bad.  Kids aren’t bad.  I’m a teacher.  Obviously I love kids.  I was just…..expressing all the thoughts that run through my head when I think about kids.  I think it’s extremely naive to say that everything your kid does will be cute and awesome and amazing.  Because sometimes?  Kids suck.  And sometimes having kid sucks.  But 99% of the time, having kids is awesome and amazing.  I just think you have to be realistic.  Kids aren’t all cuddly and cute and wonderful 100% of the time.  Kids are kids.  Just like your husband/wife/SO isn’t amazing and wonderful and the person of your dreams all of the time.  But you still love them.  And I will love my kids someday.  I just know all the good AND bad that comes with kids.