So…I’m copying 🙂

I love it when I get new emails.  Seeing that I have mail or comments on my blog can make my day.

I love that he makes me breakfast every morning.  Except Friday.  Because Friday is coffee and donut day.

I love the way our bodies fit together when we fall asleep at night.

I love that he knows me in ways that no one else ever will, or ever can.

I love the smell of summer breeze.  The wind blowing across my face while the sun warms it.

I love when it’s warm enough to use my sunroof.

I love to catch the dog and cat snuggled on the couch together.

I love when I finish a knitting project.  Especially when it’s a gift for someone.

I love Halloween best of all the holidays, mostly because I love to be scared.

I love spending money.  Be it on myself, the house, a gift, food, whatever.  As long as I get to spend money.

I love when the kids are all in a good mood, they are all on task, and the day/lesson rolls smoothly along.  I especially love it when the light bulb comes on and you know that they can transfer the information you just taught them to another situation.

I love new books.  I baby them and try not to crease their binding.  I love the way they smell and the way the pages turn.

I love a bubble bath.  All by myself, the lights turned out, candles on the vanity, music on the radio, a good book, and warm bubbly water.

I love that the dog and the cat pick me over Noah.  They would rather be on my lap, they would rather come to me.

I love having the windows down and the radio cranked up, singing at the top of my lungs on a sunny summer day.

I love the I have opened myself up to the blog world and made lots of new friends in the process, as well as rediscovered old ones.

What do you love?


7 thoughts on “**Love**

  1. I love a new book too! Actually, I love anything new and I baby new things as long as I possibly can.

    I love riding in the car on a sunny, winter day and feeling that sun warming my face and reminding me of summer.

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