Dear John Letters

Dear Husband,
  If I am in a bad mood or have had a bad day, I need you to be all cuddly wuddly lovey.  It doesn’t matter that your camera might be broken and your pictures didn’t come out the way you want to.  I need snuggles.  Now.  Snuggle!

Dear Student at Second Job Whose name is Horribly Misspelled,
  I really don’t need you attacking me right as soon as I walk in the door with the information that your mom says I’m not allowed to hit you anymore.  Say what?  Yeah.  Thanks for telling your mom a lie that could cost me my job.  Yeah, you’re for sure my favorite student.  Thanks for asking.

Dear Law and Order SVU,
  Why do you have to be so engaging?  I turn you on, promising myself I’m going to bed in like 15 minutes but then?  You catch my attention.  I’m all engrossed in the show.  I can’t turn it off and 15 minutes turns into an hour.  And if there’s another one on next?  Forget about it!

Dear Loud Dog and Birds Who Live Next Door and Outside My Bedroom Window,
  Thank you for beginning your singing and barking at approximately 5am this whole week.  Thanks.  I really wanted to get up at 5:15 instead of my usual 7.  I would appreciate it if you could keep it down.

Dear Allergies/Cold Whatever You Are,
  Please cease and desist.  I need to feel on top of my game and not be sick.

Dear New Principal,
  Please don’t suck.



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