Ok, really?


Today I was caught in the middle of a fist fight.  These two girls have been going at it all year.  I was standing in between them while they hurled insults at each other and about each other’s mama and grandmama.  They weren’t even saying anything mean about the mama’s and grandmama’s, they were just yelling.  All of a sudden, one of the girls decides to reach around me and slap the other girl on the face!  And of course, then it’s on.  They are pulling hair and punching with me still stuck in the middle!  And why am I stuck in the middle?  Because one of them missed and has ahold of MY hair!  So then they decide they can fight better rolling on the steps so they take me down with them.  Somehow I managed to get out of the middle of the fight, but they wouldn’t let go of each other.  I had to send a kid for the principal.  They wouldn’t even separate for him!  And the kicker?  Since we’re testing next week?  They aren’t being suspended!  Are you kidding me?  Three very violent fights just since Christmas and they aren’t getting suspended?  That’s whack yo.


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