I have a tattoo!

Sometimes I start to leave a comment and then realize it’s getting pretty lengthy so I decide to write a post.

Today is the story of my tattoos.

My first tattoo was a pink and yellow daisy on my right hip.  I got it on my 18th birthday.  My two favorite colors are pink and yellow and my favorite flower is a daisy.  Done and done.

My second tattoo was a teal Celtic infinity sign on the middle of my lower back.  I loved the design, but as with all tattoos, it isn’t perfect.  Add to that the fact that I had an allergic reaction to homemade dyes, and now my tattoo is kind of fuzzy around the edges.  Luckily it’s my tramp stamp so I can’t see it.

My third tattoo is actually just added onto my infinity sign.  I went to a great artist here in C-bus and had him look at the fuzzy tattoo and see if it could be remedied.  Unfortunately, because of my reaction, it’s raised up from the rest of my skin, so they can’t cover it up b/c it will always be noticeable.  So he added two more Celtic signs in the same color to each side to kind of draw attention away from it.

My fourth tattoo started out life as a sea turtle.  He was supposed to just be a cute little sea turtle on the inside of my left ankle.  All black.  Unfortunately the artist neglected to tell me that he only been tattooing for 6 months.  He told me that he had worked there for 2 years.  And he showed me work that wasn’t his own.  So it ended up looking like a cross between the stay puff marshmallow man, a totem pole, and a rocket ship.  Needless to say, I contacted the owner of the shop who personally fixed it but now it’s almost 1 1/2 times bigger than I wanted it and it’s a star outlined in pink.  And it needs touched up, but seriously?  That hurt like a mother so…I advise AGAINST inner ankles.

My most recent tattoo I got when we went to Austin this summer.  It’s a smattering of stars in pink, yellow, and teal on my left hip.  I hope that every time we take a trip that’s significant to me, I will be able to look up a good tattoo artist and have the stars added onto.  I love them sooo much.  I love the way they peek out of the top of my jeans when my shirt doesn’t quite reach.  They are my favorite of all my tattoos.

So…I urge anyone who wants one to get a tattoo.  But do seriously consider what you’re getting and who you’re going to.  It makes a HUGE difference in the quality of the work.


7 thoughts on “I have a tattoo!

  1. I knew a guy who wanted to get a temporary tattoo first to see how he liked it, then would decide how permanent it should be.

    I told him, if you want a tattoo, you just have to go and get it done. I agree about getting the right design and tattooist, but beyond that, just dwelling on it won’t get it done.

    I’m looking for my 3rd tattoo I think I know what to get. But once my mind is made up and I have the $400 it’ll probably cost me for a forearm one, I’m going.

  2. I’ve wanted a tattoo for so long but i have NO idea what I want… I figure that it will make sense when it’s the right thing for me to get.

  3. Thankfully, mine turned out good. I have one that’s slightly more blurry than I like; but, I’m okay with that.
    So far, all have been done by the same person, which helps.

    I wouldn’t mind more, but I’m not sure if I’m going to get any more or not.

  4. Great stories! I definitely see the importance of looking up a good and experienced artist after getting my first tattoo. I still love it and it thankfully looks like what it’s supposed to represent, but you never know!

  5. I’ve never taken the plunge with tattoos because I change my mind too often about what I want!

    Thank goodness, because otherwise I’d be stuck with some crazy idea I got in college!

  6. Love the story of all of your tattoos. I don’t have any. I am completely freaked out by the idea of having some permanent marking on my body that I can never, ever get rid of.

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