I know I’ve been a little absent lately.  I started to write every day for a couple of days and then….

I’ve just been feeling really unsatisfied with my life lately.  My job isn’t horrible, but it isn’t wonderful.  The kids, most of them are fine, but some of them I am sooooo done with.  Noah is absolutely driving me nuts.  And I’m starting to try some of my old self-destructing habits with him.  It’s not his fault.  I love him dearly.  I’m just…well I’m just me.  And even tho I’ve come REALLY freakin’ incredibly far from High School me, there are some parts of me that are still just me.  And no matter how hard I try to change them, there’s just no changing it.

So…until I figure all this dissatisfaction out, I may be a little absent.  I’m reading, even if I don’t comment, I’m still reading.

Also?  Just for everyone’s wonder and amazement, the kid who hit me with the phone?  Yeah, he punched me today.  Awesome huh?  Today tho, he got taken away by Safety and Security.  And is suspended until Wednesday when there will be a hearing.  Pretty cool that I get a few days away from him.

oh and p.p.s. My sister in law graduates from Wittenberg this weekend.  I so don’t want to go.  And the bag that I’ve been knitting for her?  Yeah, I can’t figure out how to attach the handles!  Frick.  And I have to have it finished by Saturday morning.  Double frick.


5 thoughts on “Absent

  1. Ugh. Just ugh. Take your time and work out what you need – and if you ever need to chat, I’m here (and will be more available now that my proposal is DONE! 🙂

  2. I get along with my husband – most days. We were/are obsessed with each other on so many levels (think vampires without the blood sucking . . . TMI?) Still, there are days I just wish he was gone. G.O.N.E. gone! I still love him, I just get frustratingly, suffocatingly restless.

  3. Good luck figuring all that out. I am starting to feel the pains that you are. Depressed with my job situation and just wanting to do something new. It stinks when you lash out at the ones you love when you feel that way. Here’s to both of us finding some peace.

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