I’m sad that Mim couldn’t find anyone to go to 99 cent margaritas last night with her.  Because I would have. 

I miss my friends.

I think I’ve said before that I have a hard time making and keeping friends/relationships.  And I love some of the people that I have met in blogging world?  Amazing.  But I am terrified to meet you all in person.  As much as I seriously seriously want to.  I have met people here that I can just curl up in front of the computer and talk for hours with.  And someday, we will meet.  Someday when I have money 🙂  Seriously tho people, I’m getting a bed at the end of July. Come on down to Ohio.  Columbus has a big airport.  We’ll pick you up.  Please?

Totally random bit of information for today:  I LOVE Indian food.  I eat things that I would NEVER EVER eat outside of the Indian restaurant.  Like peas, spinach, and other random things that I never did figure out what they were.  And the best part?  Indian food is relatively healthy.  If I had been a good girl last night, my dinner would have only had about 500 calories!  Pretty freakin’ sweet.


2 thoughts on “bummer

  1. Isn’t Indian food great? If you ever want to try cooking it at home – where, like we discussed, it can be even healthier (!!!) – let me know and I’ll send you some of my favorite (vegetarian) recipes!

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