Knitting Update

Because I know you are all wondering about what I’m knitting right?

First, I finished my sister in law’s bag in time for graduation.  But I don’t have a picture b/c I accidentally gave it to her and forgot to take a picture.  So I’m waiting on one to be sent to me.

Right now, I’m working on this sweater for my mom.  It will be in the same color as this one.

Next I’m going to make this baby sweater for my friend from High School.  It’s her first baby.

I’m also making booties to go with it, but I can’t get a picture right now.  Both baby items will be in this handmade colorway from this wonderful lady.

Next up is finishing the plain black scarf for our friend Andrew, mary jane style slippers for my Grandma for her birthday, a hat for Noah, and a scarf for me.  Among other things 🙂  Now I just have to order the labels I want to sew into each item and I’m all set!

What’s your hobby?


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