It’s the little things…

Last week was teacher appreciation week.  We got bupkis.  I was a little disappointed, but no big deal.

This week tho…our principal decided to remember that he forgot 🙂  We had pizza Monday, breakfast Tuesday, and today he gave us a gift.  He gave us a package of clickable sharpies and one of those post-it note pop up bases with 16 packages of post-it notes inside.  Seriously?  I LOVE post-it notes and sharpies 🙂

It’s the little things that put a smile on my face.

Also, the fact that I rode 12 miles last night in an hour.  Woot.


6 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. Definitely loving the sharpies and post it notes. I also like those whiteboards. You know, the ones you write on with a marker and wipe off with a felt eraser.
    I got a calendar one with each week a board and places to write the month, date, and notes for each day. Yep, I use it!

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