Things I learned…

Things I learned this weekend and one thrown in from last week for good measure.

  • If your bike is stuck in third gear-second cassette and up, do not attempt to ride 20 miles with 10 miles of it being uphill while a storm is coming and you’re riding directly into 20 mph winds.
  • When people are coming over, you can get A LOT of cleaning done in 2 hours.
  • When said cleaning is done, if you take ten minutes at the end of the night to tidy up, said cleaning lasts a really long time.
  • Kindergarten students will weed flower beds for 45 minutes without getting bored.  They will also find lots of creepy crawlies.  Be prepared to identify said creepy crawlies and when they find a tapeworm, don’t scream.  Calmly tell them to throw it on the ground and commence to squishing.  Then be prepared to explain why it’s OK to squish that bug, but not the 25 others they found.
  • Drunk Kari + Fireworks + fire pit = a lot of screaming and drunk Kari’s hair on fire.  Which = bad.

6 thoughts on “Things I learned…

  1. It’s amazing what you can get kindegarteners to do… and what they think is fun. It is also amazing that YOU did not freak out about the tape worm b/c I would have.

    Also, I just wouldn’t ride 30 miles, especially if there were hills involved so there’s yet another reason to throw you some kudos.

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