5 days.

5 days until school is out.  Woot.  I can make it.  I can make it.  With all the craziness that is getting ready for the year to be over, I’ve been a little absent.  So…an update on what’s been going on in my life.

  • The yarn that I ordered for the baby sweater came in.  It is just as beautiful and soft as I had hoped.  Yay for etsy.  I can’t wait to get started on the sweater.
  • Friday I had the Mirena IUD inserted (TMI anyone?).  It was seriously the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced…for about 15 minutes.  Further proof that I will not live through giving birth.  I cramped Friday night, and had some bleeding all weekend, but so far so good.  It only cost me my $15 co-pay, I’m protected right away, I shouldn’t have any of the nasty emotional roller coaster issues because the hormones are not circulating through my blood, and it lasts for 5 years.  5 years.  That’s a savings of $600.  And peace of mind b/c I won’t forget to take a pill.  And the best part?  9/10 women no longer get their periods once it’s inserted.  And the rest of them, their periods average 2 days.  2 days!  I’m excited.
  • Sunday we went on a short 12 mile bike ride.  It was fun.  But Monday.  O Monday.  Monday we attempted to go 30.  Which we didn’t make.  We did make 21.  But the wind was in our faces the whole way out and it was going approximately 15 miles per hour strong in our faces.  The ride back was awesome tho b/c I really didn’t have to pedal.  The wind pushed me.  However.  I am now suffering from the worst sunburn I’ve had in four years.  I burn.  I can’t stand to be touched.  And aloe?  Isn’t helping!
  • Tomorrow is field day.  I’ll be outside all day.  In the sun.  Not helping.  At all.  So I’ll be miserable tomorrow too.  And probably hoarse from yelling at kids.  But after Friday?  Four days.  Four days!
  • We bought a grill last night.  Yay for new grill!  Our old grill used to belong to Noah’s dad and before that, he picked it up at the side of the road.  So you an only imagine how old and icky it is.  And now we pass it on to Noah’s sister.  I’m excited to grill out tonight.
  • I’ve been working on a beautiful scarf for myself.  It’s really pretty turqoise and blues.  I’ll try to get a picture posted.
  • This weekend my parents are coming to visit.  I’m excited.  They haven’t been to our house since Thanksgiving.  I miss that they don’t come visit more often.  But they’ll be here Saturday.  We will grill out and plan our landscaping.  We may even go load up some rocks and make some actual progress.  Probably not, but I can dream!

What are you looking forward to?


6 thoughts on “5 days.

  1. I’ve heard Mirena is painful but it’s SOOO worth it. Everyone I’ve talked to who has it said they love it. All the same, it scares me.

  2. Hi! So…when I had my Mirena inserted it was totally painful and I told my Doctor that it was totally worse than child birth. BUT, to be fair, I had an epidural both times and felt absolutely nothing, so clipping my toe nails is more uncomfortable than childbirth.

    To sum it up: Nice to meet you, let me introduce you to my uterus! And GO EPIDURALS and MIRENA and why can’t we combine the two?

    Welcome to AllMediocre!

  3. i too am so looking forward to today being the last day with kids at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to finish organizing my room for the summer…but still…so good!

    and the mirena.


    NOT more painful than natural childbirth…but still…ouch. but i do have to say…12 months (now) with only maybe 2 periods. (little. bitty. periods.) ahhhh.

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