Gone Daddy Gone

I know you all won’t really miss my absence since I tend to disappear but…



which I’m clearly very excited about 🙂

I’ll have pictures and an update on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend internets!




I feel like I’ve been absent from blogging in forever!  But it probably hasn’t been that long…

A recap of my life thus far:

School was out June 6th.  Woot!  I was actually a little sad to see this year end.  I had some really horrible students, but I also had some great students.  We worked hard and learned a lot.  I also just got the news today that my third job during the school year (yes, I work full time as a teacher, tutor after school AND tutor on the weekends for 8 weeks for the OGT) really paid off.  Of the 37 students in my class, 25 passed the OGT in math which was my particular subject area.  That’s 68%.  Not like super fantastic 80%, but considering that these kids either have already failed, or are projected to fail, I feel pretty proud of myself.  I mean, I really only worked with them for 8 hours.

June 16th I started my summer job tutoring for the VOA.  The kids are really rough and it’s really hard but…I’m surviving and I *hope* they are learning a lot.  It’s really hard considering I have kids at below 1st grade reading level all the way up to 5th grade in my little class of 8 but we’re coping.  And hey, 3 hours a day, just shy of $30 an hour?  I can make it.

I am sort of playing kickball with a league from my husbands work.  I kind of hate it, but the team captain is a good friend so…I’m helping her out.  I also started playing softball with an all lesbian team.  They are pretty hard core.  We had a tournament on Saturday in Cincy and I couldn’t make it, but I hear they got a berth to state.  Which is cool.  The reason I couldn’t make it Saturday was b/c I was already committed to a ride in London with Noah and his dad.  It went well.  We rode approx 14 mph, but only for 21 miles.  If we’re going to complete the century, I’m going to have to step up my game.  We’re doing a 54 mile ride for Alzheimer’s in July.  My family and co-workers pretty much paid for the entire sponsorship of $250.  Which was great.  My Grandpa has Alzheimer’s and it’s definitely a scary disease.  I’m really psyched to turn in the paperwork and ride.

I’ve been busy knitting and reading, reading and knitting.  Occasionally napping and cleaning.  My goal for this summer is to get the house cleaned top to bottom.  I already made a huge dent.  I *finally* after 9 months of living in our house, got the guest room set up as an actual guest room with a bed and a dresser and got the spare room set up as an office/exercise room.  And it’s actually set up.  I unpacked like 5 boxes that we still had left from moving.  Next up, the basement.  It’s a scary scary place.  And cleaning it is going to involved buying stock in Rubbermaid with the number of plastic containers I intend to purchase.  A lot of stuff is going to find itself stored in the crawlspace.

Oh and the best part?  I get to go see Mim at the end of the week!  Yay!  I’m excited.  But nervous too.  We’ve only been in contact over the interweb for like a year tops and we haven’t seen each other since probably sophomore year of college.  Annnnd I didn’t lose the 5lbs I wanted to but…it’s ok.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it and I know it will still be a great visit.  Maybe no poolside exposure but…I can’t wait.  There are also rumors swirling around that I may get a visit from a lovely lady in New York and by the end of August Barbie will be here! 

So….summer is going well.  I’m settling into my routine of work, lunch, internet, Law and Order, nap, get up and make dinner.  I’m loving it.

exercise what?


This post has been on my mind for quite some time.  And I’m afraid I’m going to insult some people, but I’ve got to get this off my chest.

Lately all I read in people’s blog is how they have to lose weight.  Blah blah I’m fat.  Blah blah I want to lose weight.  (not quite so many blah blah’s in there tho).  In fact, one of the blogs I read complained about weighing 122 pounds.  Let me say that for you again.  She complained about weighing 122 pounds.  And the comments were filled with people saying how, at their heaviest they weighed 120 and there’s no way they’ll ever go back to weighing that much.  Let me go throw up in my shoes.  I’m sorry but no normal, beautiful person who is the same height as me should complain about weighing 122 pounds.  It’s not healthy.  When will people stop looking at the scale and at the sizes of their clothing and instead look in the mirror?  Guys don’t fantasize about hip bones, they fantasize about full breasts and ass.  They don’t want a girl who will fall over when the wind blows, they want someone who can keep up with them, who can hike with them, run with them, play football and wrestle with them.  I personally would be super sad to see my curves go.  I love my curves.  I think curvy is beautiful.  Notice I said curvy, not 100 lbs over weight.  I understand that some of you out there are just naturally sticks and no matter how much you eat, you are just a stick.  I am fine with that.  What I am not fine with, is women who go to great lengths to be sticks.  You need to embrace your body.  There’s no problem with toning, but this person said they used to weigh 98 pounds!  You cannot lose 22lbs by toning.  As I say all this, I am trying to lose 5 lbs before I go see Mim (hi Mim 🙂 ) at the end of this month.  But I currently weigh 140.  5 lbs isn’t going to take me into unhealthy land and I’m not doing it in an unhealthy manner.  I’m *gasp* exercising!  and I’m doing it because *gasp* I want to get healthier.  If I’m healthy, I don’t care what the scale says.  But I can tell that a lot of my weight is no longer muscle, it’s fat.  And I’m trying to eat less fatty foods and less sweets.  But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to beat myself up when I slip up.  It doesn’t mean that I’m starving myself.  I’ve taken a look at my caloric consumption and I’ve cut some calories out.  I still eat plenty.

I get so sick and tired of society making us think that stick thin is the way to be.  It’s not.  Healthy and beautiful are the weight to be.  Not some number on a scale.  Or some pant size.  It takes everything I have to not leave messages on people’s posts when they are talking about ridiculous weight loss.  I just want to shake them.  That’s how eating disorders start.  That’s when people fast so much that they can no longer do the things that they want to do, like walking their dog or going to the mall, because they get too winded because they aren’t consuming enough calories.  If you’re eating healthy and you’re exercising in a healthy amount and you’re still gaining weight, then go to your dr.  Don’t go to extreme unhealthy methods to lose the weight.  And every now and then, tell yourself you’re beautiful.  Even if you don’t think you are.  Psychological research says that the more you tell yourself or someone else something, the more you believe it.  Like telling your SO that you love them every day.  When you think you’re beautiful, you have all the confidance in the world and others will think you’re beautiful too.

End rant.

*steps down off her soapbox*


This is what I do when I’m home for the summer.  I clean and I organize.  So if anyone is interested in coming to visit, the summer is the time to do it.  As I was neurotically cleaning today, I started thinking about friendships.

Isn’t it strange how friendships come and go?  You meet someone, you don’t really like them at first, but they end up being fast friends.  And on the flip side, sometimes you meet someone and you become really close really fast and then out of nowhere, the friendship is over and you aren’t talking anymore.  It’s weird.  I also think its weird how people who have only known you for a few weeks, will help you move but people who have known you your whole life are too “busy”.  My final friendship thought for the day is that I would do anything for my friends, so it hurts when the favor isn’t returned.  And it sucks when your friend is hurting, but she’s an entire continent away and there’s nothing you can do to make it better.  Guess I’ll be racking up the international phone bill this week.

In other news, I’m still working on the baby sweater for Stacie, the scarf for me, and the sweater for my mom.  I have to find inexpensive, but nice gifts for my aunt and my grandma before Sunday.  And not enough things are being checked off my half-page to do list.  Food and then back to the cleaning.

woo hoo!

I am done.  I am done.  I am done done done!

I covered my things with plastic, turned out the light, and closed the door on my third year of teaching.  Three years down, 27 more to go.  More importantly,  2 more years until I can apply for loan cancellation.  Yay!

I need help!

So…I’ve decided that money and I?  We aren’t friends.  We want to be friends.  I want to have Money around.  But as soon as Money comes over, she leaves.  We were supposed to be stingy this month.  Stingy stingy stingy.  But were we?  No.  We’ve been hemorrhaging money for like the past two weeks.  I need a money buddy.  Someone who calls/texts/emails me every day and says encouraging things like “Good job not spending any extra money today.”  or “You can do it!”  And sometimes says harsh things like “Put that skirt back.  You already have 10 skirts that you don’t wear.  Put the damn thing back.  Put it back now!”  Or “You’re being piggy and selfish.  Grow up and save your money.”  Someone who will text me while shopping to say, “You don’t need anything.  Remember that cute green shirt?  Well it already goes with A. B. and C.  Do that!” 

So.  Any takers?