I need help!

So…I’ve decided that money and I?  We aren’t friends.  We want to be friends.  I want to have Money around.  But as soon as Money comes over, she leaves.  We were supposed to be stingy this month.  Stingy stingy stingy.  But were we?  No.  We’ve been hemorrhaging money for like the past two weeks.  I need a money buddy.  Someone who calls/texts/emails me every day and says encouraging things like “Good job not spending any extra money today.”  or “You can do it!”  And sometimes says harsh things like “Put that skirt back.  You already have 10 skirts that you don’t wear.  Put the damn thing back.  Put it back now!”  Or “You’re being piggy and selfish.  Grow up and save your money.”  Someone who will text me while shopping to say, “You don’t need anything.  Remember that cute green shirt?  Well it already goes with A. B. and C.  Do that!” 

So.  Any takers?


4 thoughts on “I need help!

  1. What works for me is being very dedicated to a spreadsheet-based budget. Just tracking your spending obsessively for ~3 months can really help you put things in perspective.

    I also always walk away from an expensive purchase. If I still want it in a week, then I buy it.

    Money management is hard! No two ways about it.

  2. I’d be more than happy to give you my ex-husband’s number! He was very good at that (while buying himself $800 suits every week). Anyway, my current husband (not that I plan on him ever being anything other than that) is much more laid back and I find that I am the one putting the kabosh on extra spending. I wish I could give more advice other than just find a balance. Spend a little. Save a little.

    P.S. I wandered over from All Mediocre…

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