Penny Update

Many of you wanted more information on Miss Penny so I thought I’d share all the information we’ve learned thus far in our ownership of a hedgehog. Sorry I don’t have any new pictures, but she’s not a huge fan of the camera.

  • Hedgehogs don’t see very well, so they sniff and taste everything! If I can manage to get a picture of her tongue I will. It’s really long!
  • Hedgehogs can eat anything they want. There are no foods that they are allergic to. For instance, they can eat chocolate, onions, macaroni and cheese, whatever they will eat. Most of the time they should be fed high quality cat food supplemented by bugs, fruits, meat and anything else they will eat. Since Penny is only 12 weeks old, she’s eating moist kitten food, chicken, and baby food hot dog bits. Also her food has be served at room temperature so we have to microwave her food for a few seconds before we give it to her.
  • Penny just started losing her quills last night. Hedgehogs lose their quills at about 12 weeks old and then again a month or so later. Right now she’s got baby quills that stick up EVERYWHERE! Eventually her quills will lay down flat and she can be petted.
  • Hedgehogs are originally from Africa so Penny likes it hot. At night I have to put a little heating lamp on top of her cage to keep her warm. If she cools down too much, she’ll try to hibernate. If she tries to hibernate, but can’t fully do it, she’ll get really sick. So we just have to make sure to keep her warm.
  • Oh and one of the best parts? Penny is litterbox trained! Which makes it a lot easier to keep her cage clean. Except for the part where she likes to throw litter around ūüôā Hedgehogs have loose bowels and so when they run, they use the bathroom. Every morning I have to clean up her wheel and empty her litterbox. But it could be worse…

So….that’s pretty much everything I can think of. Oh, Penny has fungus on her ears but we can’t get to them to put cream on, so we have to put her in a little bit of water in the sink in order to keep her head up long enough to get the cream on. Other than that….any other questions, just ask!


Sick people can laugh too

So…I’m sick. In the middle of summer. When I’m trying to train for a century (100 mile bike ride) and I don’t have time to be sick. An update on Penny hopefully tomorrow, but today this made me laugh.

Apparently I look like Paris Hilton AND Mother Theresa!


Thanks for your help everyone.

I ended up going with these:

I’m going to wear a friend’s white strapless sundress with these, black earring, black ring, and bright green bracelets to keep it fun.¬† Thanks for your suggestions and help!¬† Wish us luck tomorrow as we attempt 56 miles.¬† Whew!

When I come back Monday I will hopefully have a surprise to share with you!

Help Internet Help!

Please please help me.¬† I’m in fashion crisis.¬† My grandfather’s 90th birthday party is Saturday.¬† I have limited time and very limited funds for a new pair of shoes.¬† It must be something I can find here in town because I do not have time to have anything shipped.¬†

This is the dress I will be wearing:


It’s t-shirt knit, covers up the girls and best of all?¬† Was only $20 at forever21.¬† That store is VERY hit and miss, but this time, definitely a hit.

Here’s the conundrum people.¬† I hate wearing flat sandals with skirts or dresses.¬† They make my legs look like short, fat, tree trunks and we just cannot have that.¬† I have tried numerous wedges.¬† In fact, I am in the process of returning pair number three.¬† The problem?¬† Mostly the ankle strap and also the platform.¬† It just doesn’t look right.¬† The problem with heels?¬† I don’t want to be over dressed…my family is not really dressy to begin with.¬† My dad is wearing khaki’s and a polo shirt.¬† My mom is wearing¬†a fat person’s dress even tho she is not fat.¬† So please please please…help me!¬† Find me something to wear that is less than $50 preferably and that can be found pretty my anywhere in the country.¬† Also, colorful would be fabulous.



We decided to see The Dark Knight last night. We thought we’d go at 9:45 on a Sunday night and the place would be pretty cleared out right?¬† WRONG.¬† The place was packed.¬† We scrambled to try to save seven seats in a row.¬† I downed half a bag of popcorn with copious amounts of oil and since the theatre decided to turn the air off, proceeded to feel really sick to my stomach.¬† Yeah that’s right, I was so busy prior to the movie that I didn’t eat dinner.¬† I am that awesome.

Anywho…it was an awesome movie.¬† Heath Ledger makes the movie.¬† If you haven’t seen it yet, do.¬† Pay the full price.¬† It’s worth it.¬† My favorite part?¬† The magic trick with the pencil.¬† If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.¬† The whole theatre gasped at the same time with that scene.¬† The only bad part?¬† Knowing the Joker won’t be in future films.


So…I mentioned awhile ago that I finally, after nine months, cleaned out the spare room. Now let me admit that the empty boxes have still not made it to someone’s dumpster yet, but in my defense people keep saying they need them and then never take them. Anyway. Totally not the point.¬† While cleaning I found some of our photos.¬† I have been meaning to scan these particular photos for the past four years and 2 months. Whew! But Noah finally bought a scanner last month or so and…here you go!

This was the group shot on the stairs.

This is one of my favorites. If you try to look close, you might be able to see my train. It’s one of the main reasons I bought that dress and you can’t even see it in photos!

Maybe you can see the train in this one? This is my mom’s favorite.

And in this one, you can see the other reason I bought this dress. All the beautiful detailing on the bodice. This is one of my favorites from the day.

Of course I’ve got loads more, but these are just a few of my favorites and…since I’ll never get to blog about my upcoming wedding on here, I thought I’d do a brief post about our wedding four years ago.

Noah and I got married really young. I was only 20. He had graduated like four days prior and I still had another year. I honestly don’t know how we made it through that first year. We were young, dumb, and broke but we made it. Since we didn’t have much money and my parents couldn’t afford to pay for the wedding, we decided to fly to Las Vegas and get married. A family friend’s daughter had done it a few years earlier and we thought it sounded like a great idea. The more we looked into, the more we liked it. I think our whole wedding including airfare and hotel was well under $2,000. The average wedding costs $10,000. We got married at the MGM Grand hotel. They sent us a packet to choose our music, flowers, and all the pertinent details. It was so quick and easy and they are so efficient. But you don’t feel like it’s an assembly line wedding. Everyone was personable and really helpful. The whole ceremony took approximately 30 minutes. Then we were ushered next door for pictures which also took about 30 minutes. The next day before we flew out, they had our pictures and our video ready for us to take home to show at the reception. We invited our close family to come with us and I was surprised at the number of family members that came with us. There were 21 of us, you can see in that first picture. I’m so glad my dad and Noah’s dad poked their head in while we were doing our photos and asked the photographer for that picture. I think it’s great. My dad still walked me down the aisle. I got to wear my dress twice. We went somewhere we’d never been. Noah had never been on a plane before. And we got to come home and still share the day with our families. Noah’s parents paid for our reception and for that I am very grateful. They also paid for our honeymoon which we took to Disney World. Noah’s choice 100%. I don’t regret our wedding at all. I was really afraid I would regret not having the big church wedding, but I don’t. In fact, as our close friends were planning their wedding all I thought was Whew! I’m so glad we didn’t have to go through all of this!

Anyway…that was a brief recap of our wedding. I loved every minute of it, even if I don’t remember it. I think that’s my advice to brides to be. Slow down. Take lots of pictures. That day will go by so fast and you won’t remember 90% of it. That’s why pictures are important. Enjoy it. It’s one of the most important days of your life.