Wii Wednesday

I know I said I would update Tuesday and…it’s Wednesday but…at least I’m doing it right?

So…Mim’s was wonderful.  They gave us their bed which they totally didn’t have to do.  But we couldn’t convince them otherwise.  They have an amazing little bunch of four legged friends.  Noah seriously wanted to take Harley home.  I even put her in a bag to take with us.  She didn’t seem to mind.  I wish I had taken a picture…We got there late b/c we’re late people, talked for WAY too long (they seriously stay up way later than we do), went to the zoo the next day.  I tried to catch a lizard, but he broke his tail off and ran away.  Oops.  I fell asleep in the car on the way home which I NEVER do.  Apparently the NC weather is a little muggy for me…we had BBQ which was pretty darn good.  The next day Dan was off to a concert so we hung out with Mimsy.  Outlet malls and cigars.  Woot.  They got us totally hooked on Wii which brings me to why I didn’t post yesterday…

I spent several hours looking all over town for a Wii.  We’ve been putting off buying one for two years and I finally broke down and did it.  And then had to stare at it all afternoon because I couldn’t open it without Noah.  If you’re married or in a serious relationship, you understand.  We got it opened up and promptly burned dinner b/c we were so engrossed in playing.  Oops.  I had a softball game last night where I seriously hurt myself and then we came home and played some more.  People have already been over to the house today to play it.  We will be so popular now that we have a Wii!! 

So…that’s my recap.  I got some knitting done while Mim was reading, we hiked on the way home and got drenched, and all in all we had a great time.  And honestly, like Mim, I was nervous about the meet up too.  But…it really went well and now it’s their turn to come up here!  I can’t wait to take them all over Columbus to all our favorite restaurants.

Now I have to knit and mow the yard…I kind of promised Noah that I would knit a minute for every minute I played the Wii.  I’m kind of behind…


(and I realize that I’m not smiling but that’s because I kind of hate my smile…)


3 thoughts on “Wii Wednesday

  1. Yay! I seriously had so much fun and the weekend left me with such a great buzz. It’s definitely going to need to become a yearly thing. Or bi-yearly if you count our visits to Columbus b/c we’re totally coming! 🙂

    And I like me in that picture but you look dazed!

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