money sucks.  not enough comes in for the bills that need to go out at the beginning of the month.  at the mortgage time of the month.  the mortgage that said writer of this blog really wanted and just seriously had to have and “no honey it won’t stretch us too bad” all while lieing through her teeth and hoping that by some miracle it wouldn’t.  but it did and it does and it will until said writer of this blog gets her raise in Sept. to help cover the raise her husband SHOULD have gotten in March but is too passive to actually ask wtf it didn’t.

no I don’t regret buying the wii, no I don’t regret going to North Carolina.  I just wish I had looked ahead to bills for this two week period before deciding it was ok to get the wii at this moment in time.  oh well.  at least I will enjoy myself while I’m trapped in the house because I can’t afford anything right now.  Even though some part of my brain forgot about the $90 water bill and went ahead and ordered Noah the jersey and socks for our upcoming 54 mile bike ride.  ‘cuz I’m an awesome wife like that.  who now can’t pay her water bill 😦


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