So I got online to check my email and look for a scarf knitting pattern for my friend Megan.  I was trying everything I thought I liked, but nothing looked quite right on that particular yarn.  So I opened my email because I was at the in-laws yesterday (all freakin’ day but that’s a whole ‘nother story) and low and behold, paypal has sent me like five emails stating that “Your payment has been sent!” (Right, cuz I’m super excited about a payment being sent that I didn’t make).  So I went into my account and grabbed the inlaws house phone to call them right away.  Someone hacked into my account and tried to make almost $100 worth of payments to themselves.  Sweet right?  I got most of it back, but there’s still one $15 payment hanging out there because what the person did was pay themselves $15 and then have the rest of it diverted through paypal.  So paypal of course refunded the stuff that they supposedly charged, but now I’m stuck waiting on them to contact this guy to get that $15 back.  So here’s the thing, it’s paypal so the person had to give their email address.  Do I email them?  Because I really really want to email them and be like look motherf-er give me my frickin money back.  Or ask them why they felt the need to take money from me.  Tell them that it hurts my feelings.  (Can you tell I’ve been teaching and at teacher conferences all summer?)  But seriously, do I email them?


Also, I got the baby sweater done at the beginning of last week, but am waiting on Noah to take his picture of it so I can post.  This is actually why I hadn’t posted this week.  I wanted to post about the sweater.  Oh well.  Theft works too.


4 thoughts on “Theives

  1. This is why I can’t use things like Paypal. It scares the crap out of me and I’m afraid I would never notice if something bad happened. I’m glad you’re able to get it back though.

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