Help Internet Help!

Please please help me.  I’m in fashion crisis.  My grandfather’s 90th birthday party is Saturday.  I have limited time and very limited funds for a new pair of shoes.  It must be something I can find here in town because I do not have time to have anything shipped. 

This is the dress I will be wearing:


It’s t-shirt knit, covers up the girls and best of all?  Was only $20 at forever21.  That store is VERY hit and miss, but this time, definitely a hit.

Here’s the conundrum people.  I hate wearing flat sandals with skirts or dresses.  They make my legs look like short, fat, tree trunks and we just cannot have that.  I have tried numerous wedges.  In fact, I am in the process of returning pair number three.  The problem?  Mostly the ankle strap and also the platform.  It just doesn’t look right.  The problem with heels?  I don’t want to be over dressed…my family is not really dressy to begin with.  My dad is wearing khaki’s and a polo shirt.  My mom is wearing a fat person’s dress even tho she is not fat.  So please please please…help me!  Find me something to wear that is less than $50 preferably and that can be found pretty my anywhere in the country.  Also, colorful would be fabulous.



6 thoughts on “Help Internet Help!

  1. You do realize that you didn’t give us much to work with…right? Lets see, no sandals or flats or heels and wedges aren’t working.

    I suggest barefoot 🙂

  2. I was going to say kitten heels too… I actually can’t think of another shoe than that considering the ones you’ve said you don’t want. Fingers crossed you find the perfect pair and have fun!!

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