Penny Update

Many of you wanted more information on Miss Penny so I thought I’d share all the information we’ve learned thus far in our ownership of a hedgehog. Sorry I don’t have any new pictures, but she’s not a huge fan of the camera.

  • Hedgehogs don’t see very well, so they sniff and taste everything! If I can manage to get a picture of her tongue I will. It’s really long!
  • Hedgehogs can eat anything they want. There are no foods that they are allergic to. For instance, they can eat chocolate, onions, macaroni and cheese, whatever they will eat. Most of the time they should be fed high quality cat food supplemented by bugs, fruits, meat and anything else they will eat. Since Penny is only 12 weeks old, she’s eating moist kitten food, chicken, and baby food hot dog bits. Also her food has be served at room temperature so we have to microwave her food for a few seconds before we give it to her.
  • Penny just started losing her quills last night. Hedgehogs lose their quills at about 12 weeks old and then again a month or so later. Right now she’s got baby quills that stick up EVERYWHERE! Eventually her quills will lay down flat and she can be petted.
  • Hedgehogs are originally from Africa so Penny likes it hot. At night I have to put a little heating lamp on top of her cage to keep her warm. If she cools down too much, she’ll try to hibernate. If she tries to hibernate, but can’t fully do it, she’ll get really sick. So we just have to make sure to keep her warm.
  • Oh and one of the best parts? Penny is litterbox trained! Which makes it a lot easier to keep her cage clean. Except for the part where she likes to throw litter around 🙂 Hedgehogs have loose bowels and so when they run, they use the bathroom. Every morning I have to clean up her wheel and empty her litterbox. But it could be worse…

So….that’s pretty much everything I can think of. Oh, Penny has fungus on her ears but we can’t get to them to put cream on, so we have to put her in a little bit of water in the sink in order to keep her head up long enough to get the cream on. Other than that….any other questions, just ask!


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