So….I disappeared.  Nothing major happening in my life that I can share with you all.  Another school year has started and…it is what it is.

Until August 27th.  See, I work for the Volunteers of America (VOA) after school tutoring through my current employer.  They have a program called PJ where I get paid my $30/hr to sit around and “tutor” children.  Which really means that for two hours every evening I sit and watch movies and try to keep general order in my classroom.  Which isn’t always possible.  So I did this last school year and I job share with another teacher.  He emails me on Aug. 27th to tell me that he doesn’t really want to continue tutoring anymore and would I be ok with quitting?  I email him back in a slight panic.  See, Noah and Kari bit off more than they could chew with their house purchase.  Which means that they rely on that extra tutoring money to help pay the bills and make Christmas possible.  I email him back and say that I will begin looking for a private tutoring position immediately (which, side note, I had already started doing with no great success b/c we were told at the end of summer that VOA had been turned down for their grant and might no longer be in existence) and that I would let him know as soon as I got it and could we please continue tutoring until Christmas because I was dependant on that money and Christmas would be a sad state of affairs if said money no longer was in my pocket.  To which he emailed back and said that he didn’t really want to, but that he would and that we would see how things were going and if things didn’t work out or when I got a tutoring job, we would quit.  Well last week I got an email and follow up phone call about a tutoring job.  I’m going to be tutoring triplets in their home, about a 30 mile round trip for $25/hr.  Which is less than I was making with just a tiny bit more travel time, but it’s all under the table so I don’t have to pay taxes on it.  Woot.  So in the spirit of being a good employee, I decide to email our boss and let her know what the situation is and how things have changed and that I won’t be back after school but that I would like to be considered for summer.  Cuz see, my teaching partner told me he had spoken to her.  But it turns out he didn’t.  So now I have two, possibly three, people irate with me b/c they don’t approve of the situation AND AND turns out my teaching partner has NO BALLS and has now decided not to quit.   So that totally makes me look awesome.  And in this whole wonderful process I’m pretty sure I won’t be making $30/hr next summer.  Which irritates me.  BUT I can always work summer school and that’s my plan for next summer.

As for my new tutoring students, they are NOT homeless, they are NOT ghetto, and they are pretty sweet and wonderful boys.  And I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy working with them more than working with the obnoxious ghettofied children at the VOA and a supervisor who doesn’t believe in disciplining children when they need it.  So there.

End rant.

On a positive note, I baked brownies from scratch for the first time in my life tonight and I’m hoping they will be wonderful.  I just don’t have enough cocoa powder for frosting so they will get cream cheese frosting.  So there.


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