Thank you Ike

I have been without power since about 6 on Sunday.  We are not scheduled to get power back until midnight on Monday.  It could be later if there are downed lines in our neighborhood.  So far, school has been closed all week and I am anticipating no school on Thursday either.  Over 400,000 people in Franklin County alone are without power.  My fridge has melted and spoiled, my freezer has defrosted.  I am literally going nuts because all you can do when you don’t have power is read, knit, or sleep.  And I have done all three.  But I can’t really sleep b/c we need the windows open to deal with the temperatures but when you have the windows open, you hear barking dogs, chainsaws, crying children, and generators.  Those noises are all very conducive to sleeping.  Seriously.

We are lucky tho…we have no damage from the winds and everything is doing OK.  We bought a cooler last night for the fridge stuff, my parents have a generator which we drove a total of 4 hours to pick up tonight (and I’m blogging from their house), and I’m hoping to watch movies or play wii when we get home.  I’m just bored out of my mind.  I know what that literally means now.

So…thanks Ike.  Thanks a lot.


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