The big 2 5

So…I’m taking tomorrow off because….

Saturday is my birthday!  Oh and it’s Noah’s too.  I will be 25 and he will be 27.  He feels like he’s getting old and I feel like my life/our lives are just beginning.  A lot of people feel this…funk around their 25th birthday but…I feel no such thing.  I have always loved my birthday and still do.  I love getting cards and well wishes.  I love the day being centered on me!  I get to pick the restaurant, I get presents, I get free drinks…what’s not to love?  So tomorrow I will be staying home from work, sleeping in, going to the bank and the DMV, and mostly just sittin around enjoying my dog, my book, and the internet.  So…Happy birthday to me and Noah and if you’re in the Columbus area or don’t mind coming to the Columbus area, we’re having a HUGE party on Oct. 17th so…please!  stop by!  email me or call if you need directions!

happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me…

p.s. the hedgehog is being super cute and nosey.  she just bit the remote control (which is as big, if not a little bigger, than she is) and dragged it towards her.  then she came over and licked my side belly that’s exposed while i type 🙂

p.p.s.  it’s grey’s, the office, AND csi tonight.  we’re watching the office in the bedroom and recording grey’s and csi.  thursdays are my favorite tv night!


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