Costume Party

Pictures will be posted as soon as Noah is done being sick and is able to edit them.  We are definitely way cute.  If you’re on facebook, one picture was posted to my profile but…there are more coming that are WAY cute 🙂

But I just wanted to say…in the spirit of trying to save money and be better with money so that we can pay off debt, sell the house, buy a new house in the country and have kids…we paid off one of Noah’s student loans today AND our Express credit card.  But I have to admit that I did buy a sweatshirt at Target and a pair of shoes for work.  But they are cute.  And they were necessary.  So I’ve decided that while it may bore all of you, it’s necessary for me.  I’m going to start blogging my superfluous purchases.  Maybe that will help me cut down and save moola.  It’s worth a shot right?  Cuz’ … yeah … I am super excited (lame as that may be) to have a house in the country with Noah staying at home and having a kid.  So…Internets your assignment is to help me pay off debt!


2 thoughts on “Costume Party

  1. Can’t wait to see pics!

    Nice job paying off some of your debt! A house in the country with kids sounds devine and like something tangible to work towards.

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